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  1. recently i convinced my mom to start shooting and to attend a concealed carry class. today she bought her first handgun a Ruger LC380. we shot together today and she has been doing some dry fire practice. She is really liking it and is saying she loves her new gun.
  2. i"ll second the BCM gunfighters being the best. i have them on both my ar's and my buddy also uses them.
  3. my competition rifle is currently zeroed for 55gr pmc fmj's. how much will my zero change if i need to switch to a 72gr ballistic tip or hollow point for hunting this weekend would it be roughly the same?
  4. burris tac 30, i shoot an mtac and absolutely love it. great reticle and great glass for the price. also you get illumination. i would say all around a better scope. also i believe the m223 has target turrets which tend to get knocked out of zero during three gun.
  5. i completely agree. The usmc should have went with a more modern polymer pistol that holds more rounds, im pretty sure there are M@p's that come with a thumb safety. this would have been cheaper and i think a better route
  6. i ended up buying a used custom target 2, i am def taking your advice mark and spending the money on practice over a highspeed gun and equipment
  7. Remington managed recoils work great in my m2, they are very accurate at 100yrds i have not shot them past that yet though
  8. I got a Para SSP 1911. match barrel with case and two mags. Round count below 300. if intrested

  9. i used blue loctite and it fixed the problem thanks for the advice
  10. i just purchased a kimber custom target 2 and am going to move to single stack uspsa. what upgrades, mods, and changes should i make to this pistol to make it more competitive and in what order? thanks
  11. any ideas on how to fix this or if it matters?
  12. i just finished a ar build and i cant seem to take the last little bit of play out of my a2 stock. it wiggles slightly where it meets the receiver.
  13. ranier arms match 18 in spr barrel
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