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  1. Hi I jus picked up a sirt pistol. Im wondering if any of yall have problems with the magazine not dropping freely when using unweighted empty mags? Thanks
  2. Hi, I shoot production and I'm looking to start reloading. I been spending around 240-250 for a case of ammo every month. I been doing this for close to two years and looking to shoot more and save some money. I primarily only shoot 9mm. What are the complete list of products do need to start a setup and estimate cost? Also were could I learn the operation procedures and loading measurements to create a similar load to factory specs? Thanks.
  3. Hi, is the aimpoint T-1 red dot reticle supposed to be made up by, allot of tiny red dots bunched up together to make one bigger dot? Thanks.
  4. Hey, CSPCRX could you let me know a a few days in advanced when you ready with the target our a estimate. That way i can throw some cash on the side to buy a SIRT trainer to go with this cool contraption. Thanks for adding me pretty excited. Depending on how much shipping will be I would possible like two units. I will be PM you my info.
  5. Is it possible of making these in 6 inch round targets?
  6. Wow would this work with the SIRT pistol? What is the price range? I would like to put in line to purchase one of these as well. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am right handed, right eye dominant shooter. In some stages that require one handed weak side shots,(my left) should I use my opposite eye? I currently have been using my right eye for both hands in regards to pistols. Thanks
  8. I eat some toast with peanut butter mixed with honey Two eggs with a scoop of rice and a corned beef brisket in the morning before the match. Don't eat anything till its over. 8am-3pm. I drink about 1.5 liters of water as well during the duration. Next time I am going to bring something to eat during the match. I just don't like carrying our going back to the car to get things that's why i eat allot before the match and just hydrate during the day.
  9. Point taken. Skydiver. Does anyone know if the SIRT will fit factory glock mags?
  10. All these training tools are so pricey. I was going to dish out for one of those sirt trainers but for the price I rather buy more ammo our better yet a second glock34 but in gen4. I might just settle for one of those cartridge sized lasers.
  11. Would any of you experience shooters would like to share some pointers on how to practice and train to shoot on the move? Any training tips, for this technique I could do at home without live firing? Thanks.
  12. I am thinking about getting me the laserlyte target laser and and target system for a more interactive dry fire practice. The price is $250 for the laser set and target. What do you all think about this device? I am debating if i should get this our purchasing more ammo instead.
  13. Hi, i am using a 0.125 front fiber optic sight on my glock 34 production pistol. I am wondering if there would be a performance increase from going to the 0.125 to 0.100 front side width. Has anyone made this transition in sights? What are your opinions and thoughts? Thanks. (thanks air cooled6racer for the correction)
  14. Hi, I been shooting in USPSA matches for 4 months now. I would like to shoot faster, it seems like the other guys are shooting so fast as if they aren't using there sights. Do any of yall have some tips for this technique? What is the maximum recommended distance for this technique.
  15. I seen 4th gen 34s going brand new for $670 out the door at my local gun shop.
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