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  1. tyr264

    Camo dual legions

    Thanks. Really great work
  2. I've never really been able to figure out when/where I should be using grease (like lithium gun grease), and when/where I should be applying a more liquid lube, like the oils. Does it even really matter? Thanks for the replies.
  3. tyr264

    Camo dual legions

    They look great. Can you tell me what colors you used for this?
  4. Just a new guy on this forum. Have been reading it for years, learned alot, and felt I should at least introduce myself at this point.!
  5. They do make JB in clear also... I'd be afraid of such a permanent solution, for something like this.
  6. Here's a possible solution to that non existent problem.... https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/874/1/FS-BASE-I
  7. Did you ever find a solution to your question? I had heard of a black plastic front sight that could be milled down to fill the dovetail, but I've had no luck finding one.
  8. these are all great tips. Thanks!
  9. Spoke with Sig today. Doesn't seem like they are offering any type of exchange program for the M17. I know it's different than the X5, but I've noticed blow back onto my DPP and I was hoping for a little love form Sig about it, but no dice. The rep told me today they are only doing the swap for the X5's
  10. How are you even getting to leave them a message? Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I've dialed 1-800-542-6624, hit extension 7 (service), and I get a recording telling me to leave a message, but that's followed by a second message telling me the mailbox is full. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong, but I sure can't tell what it is! Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Anyone here have knowledge on how Las Vegas hotels are treating guests with long guns since the mass shooting? I understand that many, if not all, Vegas hotels have always had an official policy banning guns from their hotels, but in the past I have checked in many times with Pelican long gun cases without a second look at check in. Since the mass shooting in Vegas I'm concerned that things have changed. I don't want to be denied check in at a hotel when they see a hard sided long gun case. A pisols or two isn't a problem, as they are safely tucked inside my suitcase, but it's kind of tough to hide a Pelican 3 gun case. There's got to be a way-I mean, how did all the gun guys travel with and store their firearms staying in Vegas hotels for shot show?
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