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  1. Any idea as to how long the back order time is? Website doesn't' give any indications. Thanks.
  2. Is the footprint for the 3Max the same as the DPP? I get so confused with what fits/what doesn't with Sig..... Need a playbook to keep up !
  3. Thanks for putting some much time into this. A good amount of information for a newer shooter
  4. tyr264

    Small Gun Parts.com

    same level of service..they are a good company to deal with. A+
  5. I think that anything from 5-7 moa is a good balance. Turning up, or down the brightness can really make a dot "look" bigger/smaller than it is rated, so it gives you a little flexibility
  6. Talon grip tape is really great stuff. Very thin (not noticeable increase in grip size), cut clean to each weapon. Durable. I've had the rubber grip tape on a ccw for years, and it still looks great. The sandpaper stuff is VERY rough, but great for comp. Just be sure and wipe down with the alcohol swap as directed, and use a blowdryer to really set the tape.
  7. Walmart sells these "Zeiss" prepackaged "wet wipes" for eyeglasses. They are just barely damp, and are great for cleaning optics, glasses, etc. They are also pretty dirt cheap, a couple bucks for a box. Worth considering.
  8. Focus HARD on the reticle (or front sight, with irons). This is critical to good shooting. Not on the target, although you'll still be able to see it, focus on the reticle. Probably the biggest takeaway I learned from a precision rifle class at Gunsite Academy.
  9. I also made my own. I made friends with a a guy at the field clays range , and asked him if he'd make up a dozen dummy shells for me and he was kind enough to do so (gave him a six pack in thanks). I used some pink shotgun empties I had (can't recall the brand), and he used shot and sand to match the factory weight. I then sealed each crimp end with hot glue to keep it securely closed, and wrote "dummy" in black permanent marker on each casing. The bright pink color is enough to ID them as inert, as I have no live ammo in that color, but writing on each is just an extra safety step.
  10. + on Benny. He did great work on my VersaMax loading port.
  11. Nothing like the smell of hot bacon.....
  12. I have the Wilson module, and the Wilson weights. They drop in loose, not tight at all. I put a dab of silicone on each to hold them down in the slots.
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