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  1. +1 on the FB baby stroller. Once you get past the odd looks from the mother selling the stroller (I'm nearly 60!), it's a great deal.
  2. One thought about red vs green... I've run a EoTech in the past with the red dot. Loved it. Until a night qual course for training happened, where the stage was set in total darkness except for red road flare illumination (and weapon lights of course). The red dot washed out 100%, completely not visible, when looking towards or near any of the burning road flares. I effectively had a dead optic at this time. Granted, this is a unique situation, but something to be aware of.
  3. I've been to a few front sight classes over the years. I've also been to Gunsite classes, both pistol and rifle. The Gunsite classes are clearly better, more individualized instruction, but at a much, much higher price. I find the FS classes to be a good "refresher" course for very little money, and for that, or for a new shooter, its a good deal. As for stance. I do recall them being a bit rigid about the stance of the shooters years ago, but that seems to have changed. If you are a beginner, and that's clear to them, then they will try to keep you in line with their choice of shooter stance. But, for any shooter with more experience, they are completely fine with "shooters choice". A much better balance, in my opinion.
  4. Thanks. Sig sure doesn't make it easy to keep track of what fits where.....
  5. Anyone had an idea when this optic is available? Also, if I read this thread correctly, it will not fit an M17, is that right?
  6. Sierra Designs has a good value to quality ratio. It's not Patagonia, and it's light years from Frog Toggs, it kinda hits a sweet spot. Check them out.
  7. I have only minimal experience (-5,000 rounds) with the DPP, but it had to go back to fix the sliding battery contact. That said, they fixed it quickly, and time will tell about how long the fix will hold.
  8. That's how I check. Hard shaking upside down (unloaded) and if it stays in, it's tight enough for me.
  9. Thank you for this information. Priceless...
  10. Southern Oregon checking in....
  11. +1 on the Millwaukee . Great vest !
  12. Had no idea that it could shift from shooter to shooter. Thanks for the information!
  13. I'll second that. This is a great shoot. A lot of fun. Challenging, inventive stages based in reality. Good for experienced as well as first timers. Doesn't hurt that NRA puts out some pretty nice prizes for a smaller match like this! Recommended.
  14. Just wanted to say how much I agree with Stlhead regarding Scotty's work. I was one of the RO's (Stage 2) and the shotters coming thru our stage had nothing but good things to say about the stage designs overall. Pro shooters and beginners (like myself) alike enjoyed the match, and I look forward to next year !
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