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  1. I have and use both a Dillion 1050 and/or Lee Loadmaster and have found this to be an issue for both. I use Hodgen's Varget powder. I just recently starting loading 223 on the Dillon but have loaded 223 on the Loadmster for quite some time. When I use imperial sizing wax, Hornady one-shot, or my own recipe of Lanolin & alcohol spray, every now and then (every 40-50 rounds or so) it seems that powder will get caught up on the case neck (during the drop) and the case will only half fill with powder. When I index to the next position, half the powder that should have dropp will instead all fall on the shell plate / ram deck. I used to have this problem on the Loadmaster but I overcame the problem by first tumbling the processed brass to remove all traces of case lube. I then removed the decapping/resizing die and always loaded the ammo that way and never got powder spillage. I just started loading 223 on the Dillon and decided to keep the resizer/decapper in place and load lubed brass. I'm getting powder spillage just like I did on the Loadmaster. It appears I will also have to remove the decapper/resizer and remove the case lube for the Dillon as well. Anyone else out there also experience the same? What is your fix? Thanks, John
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    Does anyone know if/when this gun will be on the California roster? I don't see it there. Thanks, John
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