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  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
  2. CZ's are nice shooting pistols
  3. I tried to explain the feeling to my wife, she thinks I'm crazy....lol
  4. Your a brave man my friend...lol
  5. Do any of you ever feel pressure in your ears. That's about the only way I can explain it, it's kinda weird.
  6. Yes, I am. If you ever find your way to upstate SC look me up.
  7. I don't remember where it come from but it's awsome..... "You'd be better off shaving a tigers a_$ in a phone booth than messing with me"
  8. I just found my new desktop...
  9. I'm right handed and like left to right, it makes my mag changes a little easier.
  10. It's amazing what these guns are worth, very nice.
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