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  1. It's been years since I've been to Clinton House for a match, are golf cart rentals still necessary to get around the property?
  2. Anyone know if the qc10 colt would fit my older ddles colt?
  3. Is there a new range there that's not showing up on the maps or stages laid out in the natural terrain?
  4. Very disappointed, even last year, with the match being short staffed and a few other hiccups, it was the most fun I've had in my 5 years of shooting. Hope this match comes together soon, I'll be there. Thanks Chuck.
  5. Anyone still deciding about this match, you should get in. Don't think you need to make a big investment in gear. The lights and lasers are fun, but more than a few people shot this match well last year with no more than a $20 headlamp from Walmart.
  6. Another scenario to consider: I saw a shooter recently get bumped from tac-ops to open at a major match for an equipment violation. He wound up grabbing a much nicer prize off the table finishing where he did in open than he would have in tac-ops with the same score. That may have been a rare occurrence based on the competitors in each division, but he wound up rewarded instead of penalized. I prefer penalties per violation.
  7. Ok, few questions to start planning my trip/gear: Will the range accept ammo shipments? Max rifle range about 200 like last year? Is the range set up to work out of vehicles or would a cart be helpful? Will we be able to get on the range to observe Wednesday night while staff is shooting?
  8. How deep is the wait list for the match? Shot this last year in WV and loved it.
  9. Anyone get word on the Starlight 3-Gun? Attendance was low this year but great match. Hoping they run it again...
  10. Will this be a stand and shoot type match or movement and props like USPSA? approximate # of targets per stage? Sounds like fun but it has to be enough shooting to travel for.
  11. From the SquadSignUp page,registration still looks to be a little light. This match still going to happen? Need to make some travel plans.
  12. Rule 1.2.1 Will light sticks be provided or available on site?
  13. As soon as you have the schedule for check-in/shooters meeting, I'd love to have it. Looking to plan my travel.
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