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  1. All of this has zero relevance with the thread topic. But I'm sure you feel better now.
  2. Thanks for crapping all over something you’ve never even tried.
  3. I’m shooting Revolver again this year in IDPA, but this time with speedloaders. I’ve seen this modification in my research for speedloaders, gear, gun, etc. What exactly does this do to make the reload faster? In just the little reload practicing I’ve tried so far, I think the hole definitely needs to get plugged. But I’m trying to figure out how the grinding makes it faster. I’m certainly not doubting, just wondering the ‘why’.
  4. Yeah, because USPSA rules are exactly the same as IDPA.
  5. You can put them all on the weak side, but they have to be behind the hipbone. It’s not as fast.
  6. You are correct. Most revo shooters (that I know) have two in front of the holster and one behind. I know of two people that shoot with all of them behind the hipbone on the weak side. To me, that’s slower, but legal. I shoot with two in front and one behind holster. Additionally, I’ll keep one on the weak side behind hipbone, but that is only to hold the ‘load and make ready’ ammo. So it’s empty when I start the COF.
  7. The spacer made an immediate difference. Next time to the range I’m going to try it with the BCG weight removed. If I can’t get it to feel the way I want, that will probably be my next step. Thanks.
  8. Comps have nothing to do with a bullet traveling across the sensors.
  9. I made it to the range a couple days ago. First off, i figured out that the buffer is heavier (5.5 oz) and the spring that was in it was a JP .308 spring. The first thing I did was add a plug at the opposite of the recoil spring to shorten the stroke. I forgot that I had taken it out trying to work out another problem. That made an immediate difference. Then I started trying different combinations of 3 recoil springs and the other buffer I have which is a Spikes 9mm 7.5 oz buffer. Nothing seemed to make a noticeably more difference than restricting the stroke. One thing I did
  10. Cool. Buffer/weight/spring experimentation next range session.
  11. I hope to hit the range later this week. If I make it out, I’ll try that and report back. Thanks.
  12. No, the weight is not removed. I can certainly do that. It was a less than optimal hold. With an optimal hold, the second shot still goes low, albeit much less. My point is that it seems to be moving the wrong direction for recoil, which is why I (at first) thought it was the comp.
  13. When I hold it tight, it definitely makes a difference. But, this is a 9mm and people keep saying it doesn't need a comp, yet many people are running them. The rifle is moving in an unexpected direction. I'm trying to figure out why. Thanks though.
  14. QC10 bolt. It's been a while, and I don't remember the buffer and spring. I've attached pics. I weighed the buffer and it's 5.5oz. I pulled a buffer from a stock RRA AR-15 to compare. The length is the same, but this one is heavier.
  15. I've built a 9mm AR-15 with a 10.5" barrel and a SLR Rifleworks Synergy mini comp 1/2x36. While I've had this rifle for a while, I am just now getting into competing with it. But I haven't had much time to really wring it out. I have been experimenting with different loads and finally settled on one (at least for now). It's 4.0 grains of N320 under a 115 MG JHP. PF is about 137. I've noticed that the dot moves around a bit when I shoot, but I attribute that to just needing more practice with it (been shooting revolver all year). However, I noticed something on a video at the last match
  16. Awesome, thanks. I just ordered a 686SSR and some various 100 round packs of plated bullets that I found. Hopefully, I’ll get some reloaded and tested in the next month or so before it goes to the gunsmith for some improvements.
  17. I have some HP-38 that I tried in .45acp. Didn’t like it. I plan on trying it again with .38 special. Played bullets? Moly coated?
  18. What gun are you using and what is the velocity?
  19. And yet, there doesn’t seem to be any clear winning combinations.?
  20. I have a bunch of N320. Maybe I’ll try that. I’ve also heard some like American Select, but sounded like there is some issues with metering.
  21. I’m going to be picking up a new revolver (not sure which one yet) to compete in IDPA. It will be .38spcl and a 4-ish inch barrel. I will most likely run 142-158 grain either plated or jacketed bullets. I’m new to .38spcl but not new to or reloading or IDPA. I’m looking for suggestions on powder and loads. It needs to be somewhat accurate and make power factor of 105, so at least 665fps with a 158 grain bullet. I would probably like the velocity about 700fps to give some wiggle room. Suggestions?
  22. My Major Match shooting season is over using my S&W 625JM. I can say it was a humbling experience, but rewarding. I’m probably going to start the revolver research all over again to shoot 38spcl next year. On my 625, I replaced the front and rear sights, put a Wilson combat spring kit and shaved a touch off of the strain screw. I also lightly sanded the front of the trigger since it felt a little too sharp. I had the cylinders chamfered. I replaced the grip with a VZ, then didn’t like the grooves, so I ground them off and recontoured it a bit. Then I added Talon tape. I also replac
  23. I'm starting to get away from back up irons on competition guns for that same reason. On my AR's, if they have BUIS, they're flip-ups. Evidently, the Viper won't fit on the CORE either. I watched a video where a guy took a file to remove the .020" needed to make it fit. I couldn't find another optic that I was super-excited about, not to mention I already spent a bunch on this one. Soooo, who' not afraid to take a dremel to a brand new gun and optic? Apparently, this guy.? Well, it fits now. It still sits a little higher than I want it too (regardless of the irons). I haven't been ab
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