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  1. Following. The Canik mags are quite a bit cheaper as well.
  2. Extreme engineering trigger kit, egw sear spring, ismi 17 hammer spring. Dropped into my PM9, 2.5 pounds without touching anything. And of course, buy at Shooters Connection!
  3. I just purchased my first Dan Wesson, it is incredible for the money. If you are planning to buy a 45, I would look at the pointman 7.
  4. I picked up my first tanfo last week, and I've been reading all I can. As the title states, I'm interested in adding a fiber front. I have read all the threads on this, but I don't reload, so I'll only ever shoot factory 115 grain. I'm assuming most guys here reload, and shoot 147 grain. Anyone else out there only shooting factory 115, which height front are you using, thanks.
  5. I just picked up my first tanfo, after shooting several cz's, and I have to disagree about quality. The tanfo is a much better machined and built gun, than the cz's.
  6. Quack, how are you liking the Sphinx? I'd like to hear a review from a shooter, and not a YouTube gun review channel. Thanks.
  7. Quack, how are you liking the Sphinx? I'd like to hear a review from a shooter, and not a YouTube gun review channel. Thanks.
  8. Maybe we should all drop a line to lipsey's. They got that 9mm operator built.....
  9. I opened their page this morning hoping it would be the .40 as well, but no.... I think they are really missing the boat by not making a .40. Heck, even if they only sell to the uspsa crowd, they would still sell thousands a year.
  10. How does the grip size compare to a CZ or tanfo?
  11. I've searched and read all I could, but I thought it may be better just to ask. For those of you out there with a springer RO 9mm, what mags are you using? I see most people are using either the ETM or the Tripp for a 9mm. But I thought I would see if maybe there was more of a preference with just the RO. Thanks.
  12. Apexer

    Gamer CZ Hybrid gun

    Hmmm, maybe a p-01....
  13. Apexer

    CZ-75 CTS LP P

    I'm very interested in hearing your opinion after a range session. I've been thinking of picking one up.
  14. More X-cal's possibly? Care to tell us why you are preferring the GP over the CZ?
  15. Apexer

    CZ 75 TS Orange

    Someone take my money.....
  16. A 14 shadow custom (91030) from CZC.
  17. Apexer

    CZ UB grip question

    I've ordered from them in the past. They don't carry what I want. I think my only choice for thick checkered in red, is automatic accuracy
  18. Apexer

    CZ UB grip question

    Ok, thanks. I like the colors they offer, but need thick grips....
  19. Apexer

    CZ UB grip question

    I'm looking at the CZ UB checkered aluminum grips on the CZUSA website. They don't offer any different thickness, do any of you know what they sell? Thick, thin, or maybe they are in between? Thanks.
  20. I want one, but at that price, I'll buy something else.
  21. Now if I could just find one..... Anyone know of a dealer getting a bunch, maybe I could preorder there?
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