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  1. I’ve got one of the original SLB holsters from Europe. Pretty sure I have a couple extras. If you’re interested send me a PM. My video review from a few years ago - don’t mind my channel, I haven’t done much with it for a few years
  2. Definitely. I tried to be objective in them. Glad you found them useful ?
  3. I have used the original one from Finland, then the 2nd generation from Finland. Never had issues with either really. The original had the muzzle holder loop which caused some marks on the finish of my Tanfos (after 10s of thousands of draws). The 2nd Gen with the magnets works great
  4. Found this one too ... Which also needs a separate priming machine .. Not sure of costs, but it looks expensive ...
  5. It is really big bucks ... I emailed them and got the price list. That machine does not prime and load in one operation. They have one machine specifically for priming, then load on that one in the video you posted. For both machines, over $200k
  6. Good thing for the search feature. Read all 7 pages of this thread and tried most of the suggestions. Still get 2 or 3 out of 100 that don't seat properly and/or are crushed ...... This machine has already been back to dillon for work on the lower end (toolhead twisting) but at that time I never had one primer issue. Get it back and primers are my bane ... Gonna go back to it on the weekend .....
  7. Wants to work less and shoot more

  8. Well I had no idea that someone had embedded my video. I missed this thread completely until it was just pointed out to me. I've used this holster for well over a year now. I started with the one that had the claw which retained the muzzle. I much prefer this model with the magnets. I got both versions direct from Finland, but the new ones obviously have the USA logo on them. IMO it's the best holster I've used as far as functionality goes. Fit and finish has something to be desired.
  9. Thanks Sarge. I'll switch them out and see if I notice a difference. I have been using the Mr BF for a while now and haven't changed it.
  10. Why bother changing the powder funnel? What's wrong with the original one?
  11. Find their other videos. There are some with them running. A 1050 running and a 650 running
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