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  1. DAA Race Masters are my choice. I like the ball-socket joint which allows you to cant the mag outwards a bit.
  2. 12-14" past the end is what I would recommend. I originally cut mine to about 12" but it's at about 11" past the end of the tube now. Zero feeding issues, either with the tube packed or last shells being fed. This is with an M2 and +7 tube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This. I had similar problems in my CZ75 TS. Polished the feed ramp and the chamber and was good to go again.
  4. Great writeup of a great gun. It's been my choice since 2011. While I recognize the comment about racking the slide, I don't fully buy into the argument. Yes, it's different from how you'd rack a 2011 slide, but once you figure it out it's fairly quick. When I started with the TS I used the stock rear sight as my "racker", which took it's toll on the support hand index finger. What I do now is to draw the gun and slap on the web between my support hand index finger and thumb on the slide, press down and rack the slide. I don't even try to pinch the slide. This works fine for me, without grip
  5. When I talked to Manny he didn't think the holster would fit a TS. That was some time ago though, but I would still check before I ordere. I have one (they're actually SLB Custom holsters made in Finland) for my TS. I don't think a TS would fit in the CZ Shadow model, but I'm sure one could be ordered...
  6. 2 MOA @ 450yards would equal 9". Doesn't leave you with much play at those distances...
  7. Unless you seriously bombed your first attempt at the stage, the re-shoot more often than not will result in a worse result. Based on my empirical evidence of re-shoots...
  8. It's always good to be aware of the what the rules are and identify potential issues with any given stage. Typically (over here at least), these aren't brought up in the WSB unless there is a strong particular need for it. Reloading (for a right-handed shooter) while moving from right to left can be an issue. I have a match coming up this weekend with that exact movement with a triangular shaped shooting area. So, not only do I need to be aware of moving right to left, I also need to be aware of the slight backwards move as I progress right to left.
  9. maka

    Race Holsters

    SLB anytime... http://www.mannyusa.com/Firearms_Training/product/Futuristic_Magnetic.html Holds the gun by the trigger guard, yet feels very solid. Easy to draw and near infinite adjustability.
  10. Universal Shooting, http://www.mannyusa.com/Firearms_Training/product/Futuristic_Magnetic.html I just got one and love it!
  11. My first belt was a CR Speed and I'm reasonably happy with it. The velcro is coming off a bit at the seams after a couple of years, but nothing major. I know have the DAA belt. For the the clincher was the thicker belt. I feel I get a better hold for the holster on the stiffer belt. Not sure how to describe it, but it doesn't flip or give us much on the draw as the CR Speed. I still have (and use) the CR Speed for local 3GUN events (different holsters/mag pouches on the two rigs).
  12. Check out the SLB Race Holster. Looks like Universal Shooting Academy sports them in the US: http://www.mannyusa.com/Firearms_Training/product/Futuristic_Magnetic.html
  13. maka

    CZ/Tanfoglio for 3gun

    You can also change out the stock walnut grips for thinner Alu grips on the CZ 75 TS. Made a difference for me. My only gripe with the change is that my grip changed so that I occasionally manage to engage the safety while shooting. Still working on it. And the mag release is fairly sizable as well..
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