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  1. I have one and it is nice, very fast and holds the pistol securely!!! David KNOWS how to make a very nice competition holster Thanks. Is this the best way to get one?
  2. Anyone use a Kytac holster? Thoughts? Looking at this instead of the Comp-Tac: http://www.tds-us.com/catalog.php?ref=tds&dt=92757&pd=2148364∨=3409558
  3. I shot a stock 5.25 and I opted for the .100 front sight by Dawson when I bought mine. I thought the stock front sight seemed a little wide.
  4. http://www.springfieldpromo.com/ Look at the second page of the PDF. Looks like a 40 and 45 could be coming.
  5. Glad to hear this. I've been deciding between the two and went for the XDM 5.25. Looking forward to getting it.
  6. I just pulled the trigger last night and ordered my XDM 5.25 from Powder River Precision and I have a question on it's ammo. Since I'm not reloading yet what seems to be best factory ammo for it?
  7. I see that you are using the 5198 holster. I looked at Safarilands website and they don't show one for the 5.25. The only XDM model is for a 4.5" BBL. Are you using the 5" XD version? Thanks.
  8. For IDPA is the XDM 5.25 classified as ESP? I'm thinking about one of these and was curious.
  9. How the transition to the CZ working out? Would like to know how the 2 compare. Thanks.
  10. Looking forward to getting the Shadow then. I was somewhat impressed looking at the 75 B as it was. I figured the shadow would be a big improvement. How much travel does the shadow have?
  11. I was able to look at a CZ 75 B today and really liked liked the fit and feel. I am wanting to get a CZ 75 Shadow but I'm unable to check one out where I live so I figured the CZ 75 B would give me an idea. Anyway my question is how different is the shadow trigger verses the 75B?
  12. Thanks. I will probably get the CZ ordered soon. Hopefully I can find one in a shop somewhere so I can check it out.
  13. Thanks CK1. The CZ 75 Shadow is exactly what I wanted from my P30L but I don't think after dumping money in it for sight and getting the trigger worked on would be worth it or even come close to the CZ. I'm not familiar with the CZ product but I'm finding fast that is the direction I want to go.
  14. It looks like is the one to go with then: http://czcustom.com/cz75shadowsadablk.aspx Can I change the grips or would that put it over the weight limit. Looking at the sight it looks like it is at 39ozs. I would like to add these if i could: http://czcustom.com/cz-thick-grips-aggressive-checker.aspx Can the trigger be improved more? I've read about 5lb DA's and around 2lbs for SA's. The specs show 3.5lbs - 4lbs for SA's and around 8lb for DA's.
  15. Thanks. As far as I know the SP-01 is an updated version. Is is worth going with the SP-01 and lowering the weight or just go with the 75 shadow? Looking at the pictures of both it looks like the area around the trigger is more open.
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