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  1. Thanks everyone for the help
  2. I started to look for a Quad load holder and have found a few out there to choose from. I have large hands. what would you guys think would be a good choice to start with?
  3. I have a DDmv7 1:7 twist 16"barrel 5.56 what would you shot in it ?223 or 5.56 what wight 62? thanks
  4. PCKLST how long is your barrel on your m3k? Mine is 24" and I'm not sure how long of a tube I want because of the stick out?
  5. Getting ready to order one from RHT but one option is ( Inside Color Option - Double Layer) it looks like a double layer of what ever color you want,buy leave it blank then it's one layer of what ever the outside is??
  6. I thinks I will try the RHT holster they look nice, What about the Grips ?
  7. I guest ordered a CZ shadow 2, What would you recommend for a holster for a new be guest starting out. I have bigger hand too i noticed people taking about changing grip. what are the changing too? thanks for the help
  8. I had my new AR shipped to a FFL near where I live. I was not acquainted with the business but they where a good sized company and the lady I spoke to was very friendly, So to my question, Is it common practice to open up your package to get the serial number off your gun before you arrive to pick it up?
  9. Congrats on your xdm 5.25. I'm loving my too. I was not sure about the gun, but every thing I read and watched on youtube looked good. so I started pricing them,and looking what i wanted done to the gun. I found (Springer Precision LLC) and started emailing them about the things I wanted done, (and needed done) not knowing the gun my self. The guys there know these gun. They were very helpful. after many emails and a few calls. I know this was the place. I ordered the gun from them direct too save shipping and faster shop time. both came true. This is what I had done. Xdm 9mm 5.25 competition trigger job 2.5-- wow very clean so nice!!!!! Dawson front sight-- I got the smaller 1.25 love it Extended mag release-- very nice I don't have to move my hand at all to drop the mag. stippling grip texture-- wow this this something the gun will not slip at all. factory 'clean up' --I was not planing this, they said it would help so for the price I said ok Tungsten 1.9 oz insert- not sure about this yet. Well I got 1,155.00 shipped to my ffl But O my God what a gun.
  10. I want to get a good holster and mag pouch's for stock xdm 5.25 9mm just order a dual belt 1.5 I want to shoot ipsc 3-gun and steel- is there a holster and mag pouch that most people use?? can you tell me what you would use? and best place to buy them. thanks Gary
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