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  1. I actually found out that Double Alpha sells a different mounting system that allows you mount the holster to the belt with out the drop offset. And the best part is the fix is less than $15.
  2. If I have to go prone on my strong side I would rather not lay on DOH. The current holster I've been using is the Double Alpha PDR PRO-II. Its a great holster for Production and SS but I just feel the drop offset will end up getting in the way.
  3. What holster is best suited for 3 Gun? I have been shooting USPSA for about 9 years and just recently started shooting a few multi gun matches. I have found that the drop offset holster that I've been using for production isn't the most ideal set up. The few matches that I have attended the other competitors were pretty "Timmy tactical" so I really don't have a good idea of what serious competitors are actually using.
  4. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum to take advantage of.
  5. Been there and done that...So the morale of the story is to never put empty mags back on your belt. When rounding up mags after a stage them in your pocket, range, etc. but never put them back on your belt.
  6. I have the CED range bag which if I'm not mistaken is the same as the shooter's connection or very similar. I used the CED range bag with Dillon boarder shift ammo bag it fit nicely in the compartment of the CED bag. I pretty kept everything essential in the Dillon bag that i would use on a stage such as extra mags, mag brush, ammo etc. and just leave my range bag with extra guns/parts in my truck. I used this set up for about 6 years until I picked up a medium Double Alpha backpack off of a prize table. The back pack IMO is the way to go. The only draw back of the back pack is if you
  7. Use the same belt and CR speed mag pouches for SS and Production by swapping the inserts. I have never had a mag fall out in USPSA match all though I did have one fall out in 2 gun match this past weekend but was during a full on 75 yard sprint. The CR Speed pouches work great and just cant see any justification to change pouches. Also, for SS the CR speed pouches are little easier to get the mag into the pouches when the start requires all mags on table/barrel bc insert kind of act like a mag well.
  8. kcin

    Front Sight Removal

    Go to your local gun shop and pay them to press it out. I would think they wouldn't charge more than 20 bucks to remove the front sight.
  9. I this happen more than you think.
  10. No problem man, I had a batch of .40's that was out of spec. I had been shooting those bullets for years with no problem. But switched to a new gun about the same time I received a new batch and I was blaming the new chamber and throat for being to too tight... I even went as far as to have the throat reamed. I was pretty chapped once I figured out what was actually going on.
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