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  1. Make it a general rule not to drink hard liquor in public!
  2. For me Inov8 and salomons are both a no go since they don't offer anything in a size 15. I wear Adidas Kanadia 4Tr http://www.zappos.com/adidas-running-kanadia-4-tr-m-shift-grey-neo-iron-metallic-red I've been wearing them for about 7 months now to matches. I really like them and they have held up very well.
  3. Which spring and follower kit allows you to get the highest round count in a Rescomp mag tube in .40??
  4. Well, I picked up a 1,000 GAT bullets and they ran like a champ and are super accurate.....Not to mention they are pretty cheap, which is always a plus. Thanks for the advice. Nick
  5. I had the same issue with a crossbreed super tuck and an 1911...I didn't get the atomic wedgie such as yourself but I damn near pulled my shoulder out socket.
  6. I found a good supply of semi wadcutters but I have heard that XD/Xdm's will not run semi wadcutters.....I just wondering if any one has had any experiance with this combo?
  7. I think it made a world of differnce in my XDm 40 4.5.... I was getting a little bit of muzzle flip with the stock guide rode.
  8. One of the guys that I shoot use to run an open glock in 9mm major for plates and USPSA. The guy was bad fast with it and it ran pretty good when he could keep his fingers out the gun....the more he dicked with the gun the worse it got.
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