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  1. Bayou bullets are a good deal and work great.
  2. 6.0gr of autocomp under berrys 124
  3. That is light. If you don't mind how much do you have into it as it sits
  4. You just have to depress the spring button holding it in place and unscrew it with a quarter. I am not sure if there are different rods but they could be different between the 12 20 and 410.
  5. You can pull the gas plug up front and if the piston is to long it should be able to go into battery. Make sure that your bolt is oriented the right way otherwise it will not go into battery
  6. I have shot the bayou bullets with titegroup with no problems. I have heard people say they smoke a lot but I have not noticed very much smoking at all. I guess as long as you don't shoot indoors you would be good.
  7. The felt recoil is so much different on the gun because it is straight back and I am used to Remington 700 style rifles.
  8. I was shooting factory loaded 120 A max. I got it because I did not want to have to reload. All the reviews I have seen on the Hornady ammo for it has been really good.
  9. I bought one a few months ago and went out and put about 20 round through it. It is in 6.5 creedmoor and I love it. First time out less than MOA from a bipod. For $1000 I think it is hard to beat.
  10. I also have a cmore rail ride for 3 gun matches that don't shoot out past 100 yards. It is very fast to aquire the dot and it does not take up a large feild of view.
  11. If you want to go lighter you could use a smaller brake and a upper that does not have a foward assist. The only regret I have with it is the brake I would rather the Afab as it felt the same as with the titan. JMHO
  12. Voodoo 14.5" pencil barrel Voodoo low mass bolt carrier Taccom low mass buffer BCM KMR 13" LMT buffer tube MFT minimalist buttstock Aluminum cmore rail ride SJC titan muzzle brake Adjustable gas block forgot what brand think syrac. Generic upper and lower nothing LW with them.
  13. I built a lightweight rifle for having fun at our local 3 gun matches where we don't shoot out past 40 yards. It is super fun to shoot. I weighs in at 6 lbs with C more rail ride. I can shoot it faster at close range than my 18in 3 gun rifle. Build one and have fun with it. Everyone who shoots it loves it.
  14. Pistol gear sells a better roll pin for the striker retainer pin and it is cheap and easy to replace then yo wont have anything to worry about if yo like to dry fire the pistol the one on my XDM was broken but i did not even notice it till i went to replace it,
  15. BTW mine is a 4.5 model not the 5.25 parts and gun were less expensive for the most part.
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