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  1. Romeo mount, optima holes . I have an Open gun that was made for the then new Tasso optima. Which didn’t last a whole match went C more an want to go to a mini sight would a Romeo 1 fit?
  2. I have a .40 Open Para with a C More on it been thinking of changing to .357 Sig just need to figure out what barrel and comp and where to get one shouldn't be tough to do. I built this beast with help from Charlie Granger years ago since he isn't playing anymore that I know of. Any ideas???
  3. I have a .40 Open also. I've been away from competition for a while now, and I was shaking the bugs out of mine right around the time I got away from the sport. my .40Open: Para gunsmith frame I got in a trade of prize-table stuff STI slide, originally decked for a slide-ride Optima. Clark .40 threaded barrel. Dawson "Awesome #2"comp, 4 upward ports, 2 sidewards C-More Serendipity sight with 8-minute dot. Para factory mag tubes ...I went with .40 because I was in CA and had the high-cap mags. With the Dawson pad,I could get 21 in the mag. Grams pads got me 20.I used the same mags with my Limited gun. ammo was 140 gr Bear Creek RNFP over WSF powder and Win primers, loaded 1.135 OAL and 172 PF. now that I'm thinking of getting back into the game, I'll probably try AutoComp. I tried 155 Berrys plated, but not as good if results, but I could also shoot them in my LTD. Gun.
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