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  1. I was told if you remove .005 from each side (outer) of the SVI bow it will fit IN the STI,It worked in my gun
  2. Infinity makes slides with a interchangeable breech faces so you can go from a 45 to a 9 with out buying a whole new slide
  3. I bought one about 1 month ago.After a lot of reading in this forum they supposedly did a up grade and it was suppose to work better than the first ones they came out with.So I bought one for 38 SC and after a little bit of fine tuneing it work great I would not be with out one.Just not haveing to take your hand off the handle is the best thing.I gained about 5 shells per minute or 18 per minuite total not double but it is way easyer not haveing to slide the shell in every time.I just click it around with my thumb put a bullet on and load much easyer.
  4. Anybody know the height of a 550 with a case feeder and mounted on a strong mount
  5. You will like it.The pistol brass resizes easyer makes things go much smoother.And yes use the one shot I won't reload pistol brass with out it again.I don't worry about getting some inside the brass it won't affect anything I also don't clean it off after loading
  6. You can also from the bottom side heat the screws on the thread end with a soddering iron if you don't want to use a torch
  7. Joe139

    Quinn II

    I have popple holes from what I have read they are the answer for that type of barrel.Thanks for the reply Joe
  8. Does anyone sell Quinn II mounts anymore if so where can I find one.
  9. I like it, it draws clean no catches.I had a Ghost I liked the draw but I always fought the safety.The safety on the USA is very easy to use and secure.I also bought the optional paddle for the USA Holster that goes against your leg.The first thing I did was countersunk the two screws that go against your leg and I also like it and glad I purchased it when I bought the holster.The magnets are strong and hold the gun good with the safety off.The adjustments cover everything as far as the holster position I did Locktight all the screws.I have a match this weekend and will try and do a follow up.Just my 2 cents and I'm not an expert,Joe
  10. 1000 new ones are 132.00 at CZ and 140.00 at Starline the last used I bought was 70.00 but that was a good deal.
  11. I have a new Dawson 9 mm,38 ,40 extended it is 2.339
  12. I ordered one today I will let you guys know what I think about it when I get it.I'm no expert but I will try to give some impute. Joe
  13. Matt, Thanks for the info I'm going to call Manny about ordering one Your info and pictures were great, Joe
  14. I have a Ghost and don,t like the cheesey safety lever and plastic screws for ajustments.I was going to get a DAA but they have issues to.This looks like what I need could someone leave some more feed back.I am interested in one of these it looks good I like the rollers.
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