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  1. I was glad to see someone besides myself old enough to be a John D. McDonald / Travis McGee fan. McGee was the tough guy that had soft spots for strays, damsels in distress, and victims of the ruthless......and I still dig them out and re-read them from time to time. Along with... Anything by Heinlein Anything by Ruark Most anything by Asimov Anything by Edgar Rice Burroughs Anything by Capstick Anything by Hemingway I am and have always been a voracious reader. Unfortunately my reading of choice has always leaned to escapist matter, as evidenced by my author's list. So be it..... Can't believe I left Stephen Hunter off my list.
  2. You can't have had a REAL good time unless the guy in the next cell is talkin' about it.
  3. If any of you literary geniuses have ever read Out of Africa it is difficult not to rate the movie as great, but.....depressing. The Wild Bunch has to be one of the best westerns (kinda) ever made, but.....depressing. Really surprised I didn't see any mention of The Kingdom, which was an all out go get 'em kill terrorists movie with a lot of insight into the Middle East, until the closing scene and then it became....depressing. Jeez, I'm going to quit writing and go check my meds............
  4. Excellent. Let the whiners beware............
  5. I have just joined the Forum at a friends recommendation. I will probably "lurk" for a while - got a lot to learn.
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