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  1. I think you have already gotten your answer... but in case you are still wavering I will add my vote for ramped.
  2. I wouldn't bother switching out a grip safety unless it bothers you or you have a hard time keeping it depressed. I have always kept mine functional and occasionally shoot CDP. If you can't deal with the grip safety I would just pin it like others have suggested.
  3. I got the slide, a spring precision mount and Docter optic. I was planning to get a differnt comp but this thing shoots great as is. I polished the slide and cleaned up the milled windows on the slide.
  4. Installing sights is not hard. Unscrew front sight and pull off front sight, put in new one, put a little locktight on screw and screw in. Rear sight takes some effort to punch off. Once old sight is off clean out dovetail and set new sight in to see how it fits. It should slide in part way with no punch. If it seams too tight file a touch off the new sight till it goes in a third of the way or so with no mallet. Then use mallet and the little punch they gave you and knock it on till centered. If you are decent with your hands and have mechanical reasoning skills this process will only take a couple minutes...If you dont have decent hands and mechanical reasoning tools don't ever try to work on your guns. Installing sights is fairly simple, just make sure rear sight isn't too tight and obviously dont take too much off and make too loose; it should take some force but not require a sledge hammer. The cute litle punch Dawson provides should be a clue about the amount of force required.
  5. I run a 13lb ismi spring straight out of my Glock 34 on a glockmeister captured guide rod. works like a champ.
  6. I have a Ghost Rocket on one of my Glocks and it feels great with only a bit of polishing done after fitting the connector. The ghost rocket seems to be the best option for the money. I have a fulrum trigger on my other gun and it is a bit nicer but the stock one with the Ghost Rocket is pretty darn good
  7. I have giant hands so the SA may be the ticket for me. Is the frame size and shape similar to Para or Caspian wide bodies?
  8. WOW, That is a beautiful gun. The steel grip may be the ticket. I don't know anyone with a SA wide body but have shot a Para and a Caspian when they first came out. I find the STI grip more comfortable but just don't like the idea of all that plastic. If I wanted plastic I would just stick with my Glock.
  9. Has anyone used the SJC "Big Stick" mag? I was thinking about getting them for my 40sw open gun and wondering how reliable they are. They are more expensive than other options but look nice
  10. I am trying to decide between a SA limited gun and a STI. I have a couple SA guns and really like them. I was planning to get an STI because that seems to be the standard these days but was wondering what people thought of the SA hi cap frames. I shoot a Glock 35 right now and think I would like either gun but want to know other peoples experience with the SA. If you had a choice between two similar quality builds what would you choose and why?
  11. I would get a couple more extensions before anything else. A Magwell gives a nice place for your pinky if you have big hands but a set of matching mags is crucial. My Dawson's all fit 20 and work like champs now but were tight when I first got them
  12. I was thinking about picking up the P-16 in the classifieds on here. I shoot a glock 35 now and like it but have liked the look of the para since it came out. I think I will hanging out in this forum quite a bit if I end up pulling the trigger and getting the Para
  13. In my experience Cerakote has worked way better. I have a slide finished in Durakote and it hasn't held up very well; a different slide finished in Cerakote seems virtually scratch proof. I know it could of had to do with who did the work but my experiance with Durakote makes me not want to go that route again. My Glock Slide done in Titanium Cerakote looks great and is really holding up well.
  14. I shot Kimbers back in the day but am not a big fan of them these days. I have 2 SA 1911s and they work great for me. I think if I did it again I would buy a Trojan; great gun for the money. To me the Kimbers seem to foofy to me these days and the SA and STI guns seem like great guns for the money with less flash.
  15. Great if you can afford the cost aka falcor Also many pro golfers practice their drives with both practice swings (dry fire) and training aids such as weighted clubs, baseball bats, etc. (airsoft is a training aid)
  16. I mainly am trying to see if I should take these out of the gun I purchased. The trigger feels nice and I see no issues but want to make sure there is not a breakage issue or some other reason to not keep them. I live in Seattle so an underwater stage (or something close to it) is possible....you have to be prepared for anything.
  17. bubbagum

    HD Glock 35

    I would use regular stock mags, nightsights, regular flashlight on top of nightstand (unless you sleep with a night-light) and an 870 close by.
  18. Does anyone on here use the Ghost maritime spring cups? Do they have any effect on feel of the trigger? Do you think they make the gun more reliable? I got a Glock 35 the other day that has one and havent figured out if I want to keep in the gun or not. If they are worth it I may switch out the factory cups in my other guns but since I have never had an issue (besides dropping the little things and having to search for them) I doubt it.
  19. I am now building this Glock 22 up as an open gun. I have a spare lower with Dawson Magwell, Glockwerx trigger and everything I need to get it running. Would people recomend mounting an STS in the rear sight notch or would mounting the optic on a frame mount make the gun more reliable? I have a ton of 40sw mags around; what basepads are the most reliable for Open class. I use Dawsons on my Limited gun and they are dead solid. I was hoping their was something that ran as well in an Open gun.
  20. I have a airsoft Glock and it feels nearly identical to my Glocks. I practice draws in my garage as well as shooting on the move since my local indoor range doesn't allow either. I have a plate rack setup with 10 hinges that have 2x4 steel mending-plates as targets. It is a lot of fun and has really sped things up for me.
  21. What I love about airsoft is that I can setup plate racks, shoot while moving, and other things that are impossible for me to simulate at the indoor range I go to. The kwa glock I have feels really close to my guns and the "ammo" is near free. I can also shoot plate racks while hanging out with my six year od while he shoots a little bucket I have hanging from the garage ceiling. I have become much more comfortable drawing and shooting on the move.
  22. I have the dawsons and they work great. I have never had an issue and the basepads work perfectly in the Dawson magwell. I have never used the Tripp mags but I have had such good luck with the Dawsons I see no reason to. Dawson is a great guy to deal with too; I have his magwells, sights, and basepads on my Glock and has always been easy to deal with and his products are great
  23. I have cut my own tabs using a dremel with tiny cut-off wheel and once with litle coping saw (maybe the same thing as jewlers saw?). It is also possible to build up a little jb weld on the front of trigger bow and file till perfect. It always creeps me out having jb weld that can fall out and cause a malfunction so I would cut tabs if I were you.
  24. bubbagum

    lone wolf .40 slide

    that picture looks just like my glock 35s with standard 40 extractor but a 9mm ejector. The extractor on my glock 34 is thinner without the bump on the rear. I have the regular 40mm ejector and everything works well. I have a 40 to 9mm lone wolf barrel and it runs great with standard extractor and a 12# recoil spring
  25. bubbagum

    g34 springs

    I run a 13# recoil spring but went back to standard striker spring. I was getting way to many light strikes with no real advantage. When you are not sure your gun is going to go "bang" I think it makes you hesitate and makes you less confident. The standard spring works well
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