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  1. yes. Thank you. Gun shipped from my ffl on Friday.

  2. have your ffl fax info to:

    Sportsworld Attn;Susan

    Ely, Nevada

    Phone (775)289-8886

    Fax (775)289-8887

    E-mail sportsworld0497@sbcglobal.net

    My name is Michael Orr

    HC 32 box 32320

    Ely, Nevada 98301

    email orrmike@live.com

  3. If you want the gun you can send check for 1150 to

    michael orr

    hc32 box 32320 D1 box 7

    Ely Nevada, 89301

    send via us posal since you need a different address if sent any other way. We live in the country and have weird addresses here.

    I will send you my FFL info in a bit so you can send your info to them. I deal with them a lot but need to warn them b...

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