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  1. I found this on my bench but don't know where it came from. Any ideas?
  2. My part arrived yesterday, thanks to Dillon. Does anyone know of a video that shows the process of replacing this part? ~ Heath
  3. That's a cool cartridge. Thanks for taking the time to share your lessons learned. ~ Heath
  4. The Dillon DVD was a big help to me and there are many YouTube videos that show setup and caliber changes.
  5. Awesome. Thank you. I'll get the correct size swapped into the machine.
  6. Can someone tell me the powder capacity of the powder bars for my 650? I don't know at what point I need to switch from the small to the large. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the offer, I will keep it in mind after my part arrives. Good info, thanks.
  8. Dillon is sending a new part and I ordered a spare. From the reading I've done, the newer style indexing ring is gray and is an improvement over the black ones like ive just broken. Considering I will have it apart anyway I'll clean and lube it at the same time. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the replies. This will be the first time I've ever actually busted something on this press. I will contact Dillon and see about getting the parts you mentioned.
  10. My 650 stopped auto indexing today and I noticed this laying on the bench. Any ideas what I did to cause this and how do I prevent it from happening again? Is it difficult to replace? Thank you.
  11. Thanks, Brian. I'm loading up for an AR platform so I will get one ordered.
  12. It never occured to me that I can use my Redding dies on my Dillon. To use my current dies I'd need just the crimp die? Thanks!
  13. Just a quick hello from rural NW Missouri. I've come here seeking advice from those with more experience than me on my 650 XL and getting it setup for 308. I've already posted my question on over in the Dillon area. Thanks!
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