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  1. Question for Paul...so there is nothing illegal about dry fire in your backyard in Florida correct?
  2. I am going to have to say the guy in the video mentioned above deserves a medal.... I think his name is Chad and I heard about him on Steve Anderson's Blog. I have been doing this routine since the day I watched it and I have had massive improvement. I play guitar for a living and torture my elbow and forearms and have been dealing with issues for years. This one video has changed everything. When playing guitar for hours I have to deal with other forearm issues as well and attempt to keep Carpal Tunnel damage from occurring. I use a device built for mountain climbers that is a daily p
  3. Dave.....if you get into the new one at all.....(it is a tough go at first for sure)...check out the previous one.... De-Loused in the Comatorium... it is a masterpiece. I like Francis the Mute... I can see where they were going.... and they did some amazing work on it...but de loused to me is one of those rare "masterpiece"' kinda records. Cheers... WES
  4. Hey Jake...just curious...where would a 7.5967 hit factor come out in Open? thanks..WES
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