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  1. I can only relate my limited experience with one Gen 3/G19, and four Gen4's; a 17, a 35, a 34 and a 19. All the the GEN 4s have been flawless for my brother and I so far. That said, there are too many Gen 4 stories to dismiss the concerns. I know that Glock will not rest until all the issues have been completely addressed, as the future of the company relies on it 100% I expect that most of the issues have already been resolved, and now Glock is now on the long road to rebuilding it's reputation for extreme reliability. I am curious how many Gen 4 owners WHO HAVE TAKEN POSSESSION OF THEIR GUN IN THE PAST 2 to3 MONTHS are experiencing the GEN 4 problems that have reported? Those who have the most recent RSA's, that is.
  2. They're shipping. My brother has one en route to an LE dealer in San Diego. It will be tough to lock one down for a little while, but those in hurry should put a deposit down with a major dealer and get in line. Finally.
  3. As an alternative to the 36, what about a G23 with a .357 conversion barrel. No magazine change or ejector change is necessary for flawless function. Then you have the conceal-ability of a 19/23 that splits the difference in recoil between a 9mm and a .40 S&W, with a round which some argue slightly edges out either a .45 or a .40 for effective self-defense. Also, the obvious capability to shoot .40S&W, if you wish. Just a thought.
  4. That may be true, but not releasing an official announcement, tech note, etc, isn't helping them. Figuring out what the real deal is on this issue has been like doing a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing, I'm sure they'll do the right thing, but their public relations and communication has been somewhat lacking on this issue.
  5. That may be a little over simplifying things, unless I have been given wrong information. A design change to accommodate a new spring design isn't necessarily the same thing as correcting a slide that is somehow inherently defective. But I share your frustration with the lack of forthcoming information from Glock. It accomplishes the opposite of inspiring trust and confidence.
  6. That's my understanding as of today. If anyone has contradictory or supplementary info, please post it. It doesn't seem as if we are going to get an official, detailed explanation from Glock, except in bits and pieces on the phone with reps. So far, this is the most cohesive, plausible, and recent explanation of the slide replacement program. (or whatever it is they're calling it).
  7. That's how it was explained to me by the phone rep Dan. It was still a dual recoil spring setup, and mine worked great but if they are changing something at their expense there must be good reason in my opinion. It seems they don't want stray models out there that won't accept the new current spring design they have settled on. On guy at ARFCOM, an LE officer made arrangements to keep his slide for duty while they sent the new one, so he had an opportunity to compare them, and could not discern any difference in the recess of the nose ring. His old recoil spring fit the new slide. he didn't say whether they sent a new spring. Apparently it's the new recoil springs that won't fit the old slide.
  8. Update: Delayed My slide has been sitting in receiving since the 5th, as they have moved to a new building and are experiencing a delay in processing warrantee work. Also, they are waiting on springs from Austria. at least another week just for that. Apparently the new slide cut is to accommodate a spring design change, not the other way around.
  9. Update on turn around time: I just checked with Glock. They received it just over a week ago, and expect it will ship by the end of this week. They ask me to check back Thurs. FWIW.
  10. It's very easy with an XD to lose contact with the grip safety if a consistent grip has yet to be developed, especially if you like to put the thumb of your primary hand over your support thumb. This is the first thing I would check and the most likely source of your issue, IMO.
  11. Very nice. I won't even bother to ask how it shoots!
  12. I found out about it on Glock Talk then confirmed it directly with Glock. Those who sent in registration cards are notified by mail.
  13. Good question. I guess the answer is I would still have do the grip reduction on it to get a grip angle that I like, and it's no more money to take down the finger grooves as part of that process. And then I wouldn't have the dual recoil spring setup, for whatever that's worth.
  14. I sent it off today with instructions to keep the finger grooves for now. My thinking is that if I don't like them, I can always have them removed later. The timing was good to send it, because the G35 slide is back at Glock for the recall/replacement. I sent my 19 frame as well for the trigger-guard work, so I am Glock-less for a week or so. I never noticed before how heavy a 1911 is until I carried Glocks for a while, now bothersome, just different. Thanks again for the input, and I will post pics when they get back home.
  15. I believe it has something to do with relieving clearance in the area where the front of the recoil spring sits. My Gen4/35 has run flawlessly. Honestly, this doesn't concern me very much at all. If they want to do something for free that improves functionality and reliability on my already functional and reliable gun, great.
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