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  1. Yeah, that sucked worse than I expected.
  2. Sage Dynamics uploaded a review for whoever is interested.
  3. Dude. This problem holding zero is totally raining on my parade. Just like everybody else, I figured the SRO would be just as stable as the RMR. I don't remember this ever being an issue when I used the RMR in carry optics. Maybe I need to go back and test the RMR to see if the windage or elevation screws are walking on me. I've never used the paint markers before, but I need to try them now. Not cool. I need this issue to be resolved so I can order an SRO and resume the warm fuzzies generated by my fantasies of a new CO build.
  4. I finally got out to shoot my open Glock again using the TF extensions. I sanded the inside bottom of the mag tube and did everything I could to give these things the best chance at functioning properly. However, on the very first stage, I had the follower hang up at the transition from OEM mag to TF extension. It turned the mag into a salt shaker, totally killed the stage for me. This sucks because I really want to like Taylor Freelance. I just can't get their extensions to work for me. I am going back to my homemade 170mm monstrosities because while they look ugly, they have been totally reliable, which is a lot more than I can say about TF. I need to call them up and see if they have better suggestions for making their extensions run. The tips that came printed in the box with my order were not really helpful. I don't mean to badmouth them on the internet, just sharing my experience.
  5. I got some arredondo +5 extensions before magpul released their GL9 21 round mags. I can usually get 23 rounds into the glock mags with these extensions. This is nice, but when you can buy the magpul 21 rounders for 15 bucks at Primary Arms, it doesn't make sense to spend so much money on a bunch of extensions. Most of the time, having a capacity of 21 or 23 won't matter because you'll probably reload once either way. Though it might be an advantage sometimes to start with 23+1 and then reload with a 21.
  6. I've had good luck using the Arredondo extensions for my G20. I don't think I've ever had the followers gets stuck. They have always been very reliable, even though I drop them in the dirt frequently and get sand in them.
  7. I got the SJC 90 degree mount because I didn't want the holster problems you get with Carver's mount. The SJC mount allowed me to use the Safariland holster I wanted. There is only one real option for the Carver mount, CR Speed, and I really don't like that one much at all. Additionally, it looked like it would be harder to adapt my grip to handle the Carver mount since it is kind of awkward. However, if I had to do it over again, I might get the Carver mount. I kind of would like the ability to remove the optic mount and use the gun for other stuff, if needed in the future. Once you go SJC, you can't go back. The bushings are in there forever, so your gun is dedicated for good. Also, it is scary as heck to install the bushings. You are at serious risk of destroying the serialized frame if you are not exceedingly careful. Especially if you don't have the proper tools, like a good end mill, you can very easily mess up your gun and make it even more ugly. My results were OK. I did the installation myself because that was the entire appeal of an open Glock build. I narrowly missed some major problems, but it was slow, frustrating, and scary work. The SJC setup works well, but I now question the value of SJC's design relative to the advantage of Carver's mount, which requires no permanent modifications. Another option, maybe, is to look at the six second mount from ALG, no permanent mods to the gun needed. I've never seen anybody use one for competition purposes, but it is perhaps an even better design than Carver's mount.
  8. Correct. Why would anybody epoxy +5 extensions to regular G18 mags? That makes no sense. I cut them down such that the total length with extensions was less than 172 mm. Look at the big sticks from SJC, same idea. I was upset about spending all the money on TF +11 basepads only to have them fail so miserably, so I played around with different G17 mags and found one that seems to work better. I put a slightly stronger spring in there, modified from a cannibalized G18 mag spring, and I think it just might work now. I'll report back after testing at the range. I really want the extensions to work; TF seems like a cool company.
  9. I tried the TF base pad for +11 or whatever. The dumb thing never worked at all. I ended up making my own from G18 mags, arredondo +5 extensions, and epoxy. This worked, but required a lot of very careful planning and lots of money. In the end, my attempts at big sticks turned out to be reliable, but they look ugly. I think the future magpul option is probably the way to go.
  10. As a mechanical engineer, I really like most of the changes on the gen 5. I also think the trigger feels better than any other glock generation I've used, both in stock configuration and after production-legal (old rules) modifications. However, there's something weird about the gen 5 and maybe it's the way the trigger breaks. I'm not sure. Something about that gun makes it really hard for me to shoot good groups. I can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn with it, regardless of the load I use. I always perform much better with a gen 3. Even a gen 4 works better for me. And I despise the trigger on most gen 4 guns. So I'm depressed. I want to love the gen 5, but I can't shoot worth a crap with it. It's probably something I will overcome with additional training, but I don't want to have to retrain myself when moving to a newer generation. My advice is to shoot what works. Don't upgrade if you don't have to. For me, gen 3 guns work better.
  11. Those are the barrels sold by Palmetto State, right?
  12. What is it like to deal with Leupold on warranty issues? If the Delta point dies suddenly, is Leupold going to fix/replace it in a week like Vortex does?
  13. Yeah, no question I will get a delta point pro for my next dot. $399 is a lot of money, but because it is now the same price as the "bargain" dots out there like the vortex razor, I see no reason not to get the DP Pro. Everything about it seems better than other options on the market. I just need to decide on dot size/shape.
  14. I have an astigmatism, but find the round 8 moa dot perfect on my slideride out in the desert sun (when I crank it up all the way). What I want to avoid is having to crank a tiny dot up and make it bloom just to keep it visible in bright sun. I'd rather have a larger dot or triangle that I can see without making it distort on high brightness settings. If the DP Pro can stay bright AND sharp at 2.5 moa without distorting, that might work for my eyeballs. Otherwise, if it is anything like a slideride, I would need the larger triangle in order to see it outside when it's bright. A 2 MOA aimpoint T1 does not work for me as well as a 4 MOA T1 because of the need to crank brightness up in the sunshine. Then it starts to bloom and get messy, making precision shots impossible.
  15. There are lots of options for guide rods and recoil spring assemblies. I use Glockmeister.
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