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  1. Thank you Patrick for starting this thread. I wanted to get into some local competitions in my area and was having a hard time locating any clubs and local matches. I finally found some using the websites on the 1st page of this post. Hopefully, I will have some time this summer to compete.
  2. I do appreciate the warm welcome. I guess I can keep on hitting different ranges until I find somebody that does 3-Gun and get a mentor, but not too sure if 3-Gun is even big in this area. I know Black Creek area about an hour and a half from here does (website hasn't been updated in awhile showing new match dates though)... but haven't heard anything else. I guess I can look into North Carolina as well since I live 30 minutes north of the border between Virginia and NC.
  3. Just wanted to say hi from Virginia. Well technically, I am TAD right now, but I should be back home soon. I am a new/intermediate shooter and go to the range with my wife and friends to improve our marksmanship skills. I have the desire to get into some 3-Gun competitions in the future, but I believe some regular matches locally will suffice for now (Yes, I have read the beginner post and it stated to get into the national matches as soon as possible, but I am nervous so I think I need to stick to my comfort level until I improve). I am currently in the Chesapeake area in Virginia which borders North Carolina and wanted to know if anyone knows of a decent range to practice some 3-Gun? I usually go to C2 Shooting Center out in Pongo and it is a decent range, but not too much steel targets and no 3-gunners around. Are there any local clubs in my area that I am missing? Been to a few other ranges as well and been to a few of the gun shows around here... the only club I have seen shoots some IDPA and others that shoot cowboy action. Well, that is it for now. I hope to learn a lot from this forum. I have seen the quality of posts from a few individuals in here and I know I can learn a lot here about sport shooting. I am also on the forum Sniper's Hide as Dragos83 (for the distance shooting discipline).
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