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  1. Which CZ spring kits are you using? I see 10 and 13 coil. Thanks
  2. One additional request / question, is anyone loading Montana Golds, and if so, which ones? TIA.
  3. Thanks for all the great info thus far. I just got a 929 this past weekend, so trying to figure out where to start for reloading. I've loaded many loads for 9mm auto, fwiw.
  4. Bucky

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    The gun is very tight in the hand, maybe too tight. Looking at the pics, I'm higher up on the gun then you. My thumb is coming to rest on the very top of the safety, not the safety ledge, the very top of the safety. As for being more around the right side of the gun, perhaps that is the case. However, I'm just about reaching the trigger in DA mode, so I'd be unable to wrap around any further to the left. I do appreciate your efforts, but I'm thinking now that perhaps it's just not for me. ~thanks.
  5. Bucky

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Its definitely the corner of the beaver tail. I can feel it diggering in just gripping the gun. I'll try to get a couple pics.
  6. Bucky

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Yes, it's the corner of the beaver tail that is digging into me. I shoot the very common (for "us") thumbs forward grip, getting as high on the gun as possible. With a 1911, I ride the grip safety, however on the CZ my thumbs are too short to reach the thumb safety (my thumb IS positioned such that if it were longer, I'd be riding it).
  7. I'm strongly considering selling my Shadow 2 as well. Thought I'd be the first on the buy / sell.
  8. Is this them? https://patriotdefense.com/ Thanks.
  9. Bucky

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    Is this question to me? I'm running the factory grips that came on the gun.
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