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  1. I've got a line on a Shadow 2 OEM rear sight for my Shadow 1. The .240 tall front sight works with both of my Shadow 2's but I'm not sure if it will be the best match with the Shadow 1. Has anyone had success with a .240 tall front sight or should I be looking at a different one?
  2. and miss ending up lobster red? Nah. Thanks for putting on a great match Shana!
  3. Are they acceptable for permanently blocking mags in Canada?
  4. N_Angeli

    Shadow 2 holsters

    +1 for Armiger
  5. Hi Roy. Will the October match be posted up here or on practiscore in the next week or so? Trying to coordinate with a half a dozen buddies that are coming from out of town for the match.
  6. I was able to fit two sheet of printer paper underneath the blade and couldn't observe any contact. The sight also lasted just a hair over 10,000 rounds so I'm not 100% sure that it was making contact. Well any contact that I could notice.
  7. Over the weekend the CZ Custom rear sight I had on my 85 Combat snapped off mid match. Since this is a known issue with these sights I was hoping to find something a bit more robust and came across the Dawson rear sight. Does anyone have any experience with this sight? What height front sight are you using with it? How was the durability been so far? Thanks, Nick
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