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  1. Hello all. I am newish, but I have been on here for a while doing a lot of reading. Pistol shooting isn't where I started so I figure there might be some other hi quality rifle guys out there. I am looking at purchasing an AAC 762 SD and while I wait on BATFE I want to get my FN SPRa1 threaded. I don't want just any dooby doing it up. Does anyone know of any reputable place to get the heavy barrel threaded? If you have other recommendations for suppressors let me know, Im pretty set on this one but if you have had a bad experience let me know. I have read many threads but there is a fount of info here, if this post has already been asked I apologize. Thanks. The short: I need threading on my FNSPRA1 for an AAC 762 SD
  2. Im new from Lynchburg, VA. I have a bud that is really pretty good at the uspsa, competition shooting thing. He is getting ready to leave the area. So.. I need a shooting buddy, or at least virtual shooting buddies to talk to, get info, compare progress with. Im shooting a laughable 11sec el cap, but Im a pretty good shot at indoor gssf tournaments. Anyway, Im looking to pick up a 2011 and a glock 35 in the next couple years (both .40's). Anyway, I love God, My wife, the outdoors and our animals. God bless all.
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