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  1. Thanks, I was having the same problem with the alert in Opera. Does not seems to have a problem in Chrome Ed
  2. I believe you could take some of the stress off the shell plate by running a gutted Lee 223 crimp die down and touching the plate with the bottom of the die when the handle is all the way forward. But I still worry about the case rim.
  3. I stumbled on this while looking for a SIRT, thanks...tag for future use.
  4. It seems like Rubber City is the best bang for the buck
  5. I run Redding dies for 9mm and 5.56 on my 650xl. For me the micrometer has made life easier. I use a Lee undersize die to eliminate setback problems on the 9mm. Ed
  6. I was looking at getting a new toy, but because of an upcoming move to Hawaii, I need 10 round mags for it. So my question is, are 10 rounds available for a Zastava M70 O-PAP AK? I am not up to speed on AK’s and its variants. Thanks Ed
  7. I have been in a shooting funk for about 6 month. Did a lot of dry firing using Steve Anderson’s book. I did improve, but also realized how much more work I need to do. I have gone from shooting 200 rounds a week to maybe 100 rounds every 2 weeks. Even buy a new gun did not help! I hope you get your motivation back again. Ed
  8. Alright thanks for the information. 1. Just two more question an AR's nothing like bullet button mag release is need is it? Also, I have a partial lower that is not a problem to bring in is it? Thanks again. Ed
  9. Do people tend to sell their 10 round mags when heading back to the mainland? I was mainly looking for glock and pmags or am best to grab what I need before I leave the mainland?
  10. We are only going to be there 3 years, so no plans on dumping my hi cap mags.....way to many. Looks like I will leave them state state side.
  11. Okay thanks for the information. So should I leave my hi cap magazines state side or is it like Maryland where you can bring hi cap mags into the state you just can buy them there? Ed
  12. Looks like we might be moving to Honolulu this coming fall. And I am looking for information about USPSA or IDPA type competition there. 1. I guess I should bring nothing but 10 rounds magazines with me right? 2. I was wondering about reloading 9mm there, what is it like to get components? 3. Is there 3 gun on the island? 4. Also any another pertinent things I might need to know would be helpful. Thanks Ed
  13. So Flex, when I work on gripping more with the weak hand I get a lot of tension in that arm all the way up into the shoulder. I am assuming that I should try and relax from the elbow on upward? Ed
  14. I am right handed, left eye dominant, my right eye has very bad vision. Two years ago when a friend introduced me to competitive shooting, he pushed me to use my left hand. He was also right handed, left eye dominant. After 17,000 plus rounds down range using my left hand is very second nature to me, but would I do it that way again? I don’t know. On the plus side, shooting weak hand is certainly very easy! On the minus side, left handed holsters are harder to find. Figuring out stages is a bit more challenging when you first start, because there are very few left handers to bounce ideas off of. I sometimes feel stages are more to the right handers advantage…yes I know that should not be the case. And last of all not all guns can be setup (and the extra cost for ambi safeties, etc) for lefties. Just my two cents. Ed
  15. Pretty much all the time but I think sex still wins out. Ed
  16. Ed F

    SIRT pistol

    I agree great customer service and a well-engineered product. I made great gains with my shooting after buying and practicing with the SIRT. The best part was finding Mike's training videos. The way he breaks things down really clicks with me!
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