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  1. Seriously??? Still didn't answer the question. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Question about price comparison between STI vs a custom gun and what is included. Does a custom gun include 3 magazines? I see that the DVC-O includes 1-170 and 2-140 which gets you in the game to play ball... even if it is a short life expectancy of the DVC Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. Love it. I drilled a detent hole in it so it wouldn't lock the slide back in recoil and added some grip tape on the pad.
  4. Check out fortiusarms.com. That finish is one of his standard packages for an M&P
  5. 9/16 32 TPI is the thread pitch of the SJC and Carver Comps.
  6. I needed to drill mine. I drilled it so deep I can't use it to lock the slide back. I need to take off my thumb safety to take the gun apart
  7. Carver Custom BB-enterprise dot biz I have the Carver 3 port
  8. If your barrel is a Kkm then I would be willing to trade you my minor 3 port Carver comp for your SJC. Send me a pm if you're interested.
  9. Ya know the rule about only changing one thing at a time? I have a traditional SJC cmore mount and had ejection issues. I added the extended Carver ejector and increased my load to shoot major. I realized it was my load cause I took the compensator off and it ejected reliably. I can't say if the 90 mount holes will fit the traditional mount holes but I know the mini red dot mount holes line up perfectly.
  10. There can be problems even if they do fit in the chamber. Mine would fit in the chamber but when I would unload and show clear the bullet would stay and the case would come out.
  11. In regards to the installation of the thumb rest, is this a permanent modification where there are holes drilled into the frame or do they us the existing trigger pins?
  12. I use this with the Rx inserts. I have clear, dark grey, copper and yellow. I just change out the lenses depending on the conditions
  13. You can get 'switched' to open with an illegal modification
  14. I only use the standard slide stop because of this reason
  15. True. I don't use that recipe anymore.
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