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  1. Went and did it. ASA Round 2. Pretty much if you go back and read my posts from the first go around you know what I'm going through. Only difference this time around was the pain. It kicked in about an hour after the surgery. Thanks to the pain meds and sleep I got through it. Once the cornea healed by the third day all was good. The 5 day checkup revealed nothing out of the ordinary. As the doc said any data gathered in the first month isn't valid as the healing process is still underway. While I'm waiting for the vision to stabilize a bit more I'll get caught up on reloading. Plan to take a month off of shooting. Got plenty of projects around the house to keep me busy.
  2. Nine days. You're still in the healing process. You'll see a difference in about a month then again in three months. The PRK procedure is not for the impatient. Oh, and hydrate the eyes with wetting drops frequently even if you think you don't need it.As for the OP question. My PRK got me to 20/40 and I'm leaving tonight to go back to Austin for round two to get me to 20/20 or better. Has it improved my shooting? Maybe. I'm really liking not having to wear glasses for distance. Where I'm at now is where I was with glasses. I've noticed a definite improvement with scoped rifles. Handgun somewhat less but being able to see both the sights and target is a big plus. Before both were blobs. Now both are in a soft focus. We'll see after going under the zapper a second time. Shotgun clay games I just suck at and I don't think vision has anything to do with it. But ignore all that. Even if I didn't shoot I'd do it all over again. My quality of life has improved and that alone is worth the admission price. For the soap opera of my experience check this thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=79290&st=0
  3. My bad for not updating this thread sooner. Life is getting in the way. Update from the docs. All agree that I should go back under the laser and get a touchup. The decision was made in December. Due to Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, and the wife's and my birthdays it was decided to schedule the surgery in March. So. March 25th I'll be back in Austin for round 2. All in all I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. The dryness has mostly gone away. Maybe a drop in each eye every other day. Worse when I'm at work staring at a computer screen all day. Only negative is that instead of 20/20 I ended up with 20/40. Much better than when I walked in but not where I should be. Considering all the factors making my case a difficult one I don't think this second surgery is out of the question. I know of one high level shooter who was told up front that his case would take two trips to the zapper. His results are outstanding. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Congrats dude. Made C in Production and L-10. Then C in Trap. But I still haven't made my goal of B in any USPSA division. I have a long standing order. If I ever make B there will be a party at my house. Bring nothing but yourself. All are invited. Open carry approved. Airgun range available. Till later Hank
  5. I've gotten similar results G-Man. N320, Win brass of unknown pedigree, and WSP primers. 3.6 behind a MG 147 netted a SD of 10.9. 3.4 behind a Zero 147 netted a SD of 9.8. Granted the sample size was only 10. I'm curious what the results will be with a sample size of 30. I also noted that the weight of the Zeros varied more than the MG. Weighed 30 at random. MG - 146.4 to 147.3. 146.7 average. ES of 0.9. Zero - 146.8 to 148.1. 147.2 average. ES of 1.3. Accuracy with the MG was better than the Zeros. Not a bunch but definitely better. I've got some things I want to try but for the time being N320 and MG is the ticket.
  6. Went to an AS shoot in August last year. Thoroughly enjoyed it and became a better rifle shooter because of it. I already had the basics down but the instructors tweaked as necessary and scored Rifleman with first a 10/22 then with an AR. It's a worthwhile project and the instruction is top notch. Another one is coming up in July in my area and I'll be there.
  7. The numbers are not out of line with online forums. I once ran the numbers on one firearms forum that gets posts from all over the planet. About half the registered users never posted. Just ran the numbers from my local shooting forum. 4150 registered users. 2054 have never posted. Of the 4150 I'm sure there are more than a few who have multiple screen names depending on which personality is talking in their head that day.
  8. All over what your saying. Trying to find a jazz station on a road trip is like trying to find a diamond in a pile of coal. You know there has to be one but where. Lucky to have a local smooth jazz station run by the local high school. Don't help you on the road but on the 'Net its www.wwoz.com.
  9. I've done one Appleseed and will do another next year. I saw several 795s on the line. Biggest mod is to put Tech Sights on it as the stock sights from a technical point of view suck. Took a peek through a set and they rock compared to factory irons. The stock is flimsy and will bend when sling pressure is applied. Either deal with it or fix it with redneck engineering. Epoxy in a steel pipe in the forearm. In the buttstock throw in a few steel spikes and fill it up Great Stuff expandable foam. Besides stiffening up the stock it adds needed weight to help damp out the wiggles as the stock gun is really light. On some guns the mags won't drop free. Nothing a Dremel can't fix. For more info on the mods go to rimfirecentral.com and hit the Marlin forum. Out of the box they are more accurate than a 10/22 and they run. Catch them on sale for $110 - the $20 rebate from Marlin = $90. Sights at a discount for $60 from an Appleseeder. $10 for the pipe, spikes, and foam. Just over $100 for 5 extra mags you need for an AS shoot. GI sling from CDNN for $6. For just over $250 you will have a rifle that will have the ability to shoot the AS AQT course. For my next AS I will put together a 795 with the mods described above. To do an iron sight 10/22 will run a lot more money than the 795 project will. Myself I brought the highly modified and scoped 10/22 and the Clark Gator AR with a Weaver V16 scope. Ended up shooting a Rifleman score with both. Next AS shoot will have the 795 and a scoped LR-308. I really want to shoot a Rifleman score with irons now that I've proven I can do it with glass.
  10. Thought long and hard about going away from the reloading manuals when I started loading 9mm. However quite a number of people run N320 with 147s with no ill effects. Hard to find a mention of pressure signs with this combination when loaded to USPSA speeds. So, I tried. No problems so far and I intend to continue. Gun is a XD-9 Tactical with a stock barrel. 3.4 of N320 behind a Zero 147 at 1.150" OAL. 130pf. 3.6 of N320 behind a Montana Gold 147 at 1.150" OAL. 130pf. The Montana Gold load shoots just a bit smaller groups than the Zero load did. I've got Precision Molys loaded to test at the chrono. Note that due to the shape of the bullet the Precision Molys will engage the rifling at 1.150". Had to shorten them up to 1.115" to keep them just a few thousandths off the lands.
  11. Your gunsmith should read the ATF regs again. A serialized modern pistol frame is not a machine part, regardless of what is attached to it. Did some more digging on ATF regs and how they interface with UPS/FedEx policies.It certainly appears that there is no way around it. The serialized part is the gun part of the gun. Stripped, disassembled, or fully assembled. If you ship the serialed part it has to be declared as such to the carrier by ATF regs. Since you've just declared that you're shipping a firearm you have to follow the carriers policies which in UPS case is Next Day Air and FedEx case is Priority Overnight. Couldn't find a loophole without breaking ATF regulations. Not properly declaring what you're offering to the carrier for shipment is a big no-no in HazMat shipping which is my area of knowledge. Same with a firearm which follows ATF regs. My gunsmith hasn't shipped it yet. I'll call and talk to them and see what line of thought they are using.
  12. I can assure you that a frame with a serial number with no other parts attached is not a machine part, that item is a firearm, by all definitions. All "other" parts can be shipped as machine parts interstate. BATFE will take a dim view on this if you are ever caught out. Do not piss them off for $20 as previously stated. Take my word for that. Just to be clear. This is MY gun. I own this gun and have for several years. I hand delivered it to my gunsmith. He (or she) has finished the work and is returning it to ME. I can either do an 8 hour roundtrip drive to pick it up or have it shipped. The ATF has nothing to do with this as no transfer is taking place. In addition this is an intra- rather than an inter-state shipment.Of course if a transfer is to take place then the serialed part must go through a FFL. No arguement here. What I do have a problem with is UPS and FedEx forcing you to send a handgun overnight because of their own policies. The machine parts solution is a way one gunsmith works around it.
  13. Just got a call this morning from my gunsmith. My 1911 is ready. When we got to the point of shipping the person asked if overnight or standard ground. "I thought all handguns had to go overnight?" 'If it's a handgun then yes. Break it down into 2 boxes then it becomes machine parts and it can go by ground.' "Then send me my machine parts." Always a loophole if you can find it.
  14. The video stated they jumped at the 650m (2132 ft) level. Geez, I've left airplanes lower than that. If you build it, they will come.
  15. Last year at this time we were in the middle of rebuilding the house from "The Storm". Its Christmas. We're living in a camper in the back yard. Life isn't easy. Wife asks me "What do you want for Christmas?" Thought a second. "Nothing. Really, lets forgo the gift exchange." She agreed. We bought for the children in family and that was it. Some in the family thought we were on hard financial times. Nope. Not spending the time in the malls allowed us to spend time with family and friends, as it should be. The experience has reminded us of what is really important and what the holiday really means.
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