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  1. That must have changed very recently as I ordered mine at the end of August. Regardless, the cover is nice and sounds nicer now!
  2. I have a red cover from Range Panda and it is pretty sweet. Just be aware that there's a little pull-tab on the back of it that might get in the way of you have rear sights. I simply cut the tab off with my pocket knife and it's all good.
  3. Trijicon replaced mine in 8 days. I RMA'd my first one because the auto-brightness didn't work. I received a new one (different serial number) whose auto-brightness also didn't work. I also reported that the replacementdied after the first shot I took with it to zero it. I need to update that report. I called Trijicon and was informed by the tech that the battery covers are sometimes not tight enough from the factory. That could have fooled me because it was very tight and somewhat hard to get off when I was trying to remove it at the range, but fair is fair and I decided to give it another go. The tech suggested that I really crank it down because of the gasket, so I grabbed a nickel (which fits perfectly in the slots on the cover) with needle nose pliers and torqued that cover down. The dot came back and I was able to zero the optic. I put at least 400 rounds through it and so far, so good. So now it's fine. The auto-brightness doesn't work, but I don't really care. Maybe I'll RMA it again if people start reporting that the auto-brightness has been corrected, but for now it does what I need it to do.
  4. I wanted to add to the continuing saga of my defective 2.5moa SRO. Quick recap, I noticed the auto-brightness didn't work under LED lighting and had my unit exchanged for a new one. The new one had the same problem and I decided I'd just deal with it. I, unfortunately, had been quite busy and only just now, about 15 minutes ago, had a chance to zero my replacement SRO. Well, it died after the very first shot using 124 grain American Eagle 9mm. At first I thought I'd lost the dot, but that wasn't the case. As I was looking it over, I noticed the emitter wasn't on. I tried turning it back on and nothing. I tried reseating the battery and still nothing. Just totally dead. So now my replacement SRO is going to go back to Trijicon. Third time's the charm, right? I'm incredibly pissed off at this trash optic.
  5. Following up on my Trijicon SRO's auto-brightness issue under LED lighting. Trijicon RMA'd my SRO and their repair department messaged me that they couldn't repair my optic. Instead they would send me a brand new one. That sounded good to me. The replacement was delivered today and I just took it out of the box and tested it. The new SRO has the exact same issue as the old one. It simply does not auto adjust under LED lighting. It sets itself to the very dim 2nd visible setting with LED overhead lighting, unlike my RMRs. I then did my dark room test with my Streamlight TLR-1 HL and again both of my RMRs worked perfectly but the SRO completely washed out without auto-adjusting at all. When I went into a room with incandescent lighting the SRO auto-adjusted properly. The tech I spoke to said that the RMR and SRO have the same electronics and should react the same way to lighting. He speculated that the auto-adjusting sensitivity on my old SRO might have been programmed incorrectly or that the light sensor was defective. Since this a whole new optic and it is behaving the exact same way, I'm going to guess that either the electronics are actually different from the RMR or that whole batches of SRO's are being programmed incorrectly. The difference between my old serial number and new serial number is over 5,000 so there are probably a whole lot of SRO's out there that have this same issue. Definitely follow the advise on Sage Dynamics - Not intended for duty use. While he was referring to the optic's fragility with regard to drop resilience in his video, clearly the electronics also don't work correctly. If you do intend to use it on a defensive gun, you should probably set the brightness manually and use the lock-in feature. You'll need to change the batteries more frequently if you store it this way but at least you will be able to see the dot when needed, especially if you use an LED flashlight or WML. Anyway, mine will be used for Carry Optics and I'll manually adjust the brightness, so no biggie I guess.
  6. Hopefully Trijicon doesn't take that cop out. Especially since they list the SRO, and the auto-brightness feature in particular, as "Ideal for everyday carry" in the Features section on their site for the SRO.
  7. I just got an SRO and I've noticed one really strange issue with the auto-brightness feature that doesnt happen with my RMR. When I'm in a room that is lit exclusively with LED light bulbs the auto-brightness doesn't work. Side-by-side with my RMR in the same lighting, the RMR will adjust to the 5th setting and be nice and bright, while the SRO stays at the 2nd setting which is fairly dim. When I moved into a room with incandescent bulbs, the SRO adjusted the brightness properly, just like the RMR. I then tried using it in a dark room with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL, which uses an LED, and saw the same issue. The RMR brightened so that the dot could be seen against the light while the SRO did not and got washed out by the light. I contacted Trijicon and they offered for me to send my SRO in to be evaluated. They said that the RMR and SRO might react differently to light, but didn't specifically acknowledge that the SRO doesn't react to LED light, which seems very strange. Before I do anything though, I'm wondering if anyone else had noticed the same happening with their SRO and LED lighting.
  8. You could also try just breaking it in. When I first got my .40 CTS I thought the mag release was way too stiff. After shooting it for a season, the spring has loosened up perfectly.
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