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  1. I have shot a ton of BBI threw my stock barrel without problems, I was cautious at first and checked the barrel after a few sessions. They proved to be very accurate and always available.
  2. will defiantly try and make this one next time. Is this a set date for the every other month's 4th sat?
  3. set some paper up at the range and find out exactly where your pistol is shooting at all distances, that will remove all doubt.
  4. I can understand the feeling about the camo and BDU's at matches. I cant say that I would wear it personally, but I feel at this point its more important than every to encourage any and all shooters and make them feel welcome rather than discourage based on what they wear.
  5. with bulk bullets im ok with it no matter how they send them.
  6. every dan Wesson I have owned or shot has been amazing, I think it would be hard to go wrong with any of their 1911's
  7. Same reason I used to shoot doves better with a single barrel than with an auto loader.
  8. I have always said if it stops being fun, ill slack off. It's not hard to see where travel and time away can wear a person down. Especially of they're not shooting up to their own expectations.
  9. +1 for running brass plug and magwell, it help balance my 35 out perfect
  10. In running a 18" with rifle length gas system, so far ive been nothing but happy with it.
  11. I love timney in long range rigs but on my 3gun rifle I really like the Gold
  12. I never had a problem with my 35 with a decent trigger, however my 23 with a stock trigger took some time to bring the poi back to the poa. I tried to blame the gun forever but it was me the whole time.
  13. Just take off, might not be as big of a transition as u might think.
  14. The new bushy spotter is a nice piece however I really think it needs a g2 retical instead of the Horus.
  15. In a gas gun IMHO the 6.5cm outshines the 260 by just a bit. The shorter case will let u seat the longer match bullets and still for the mag and feed ready well. Nothing against the 260 I just think it's slightly handicapped in the gas gun
  16. Only downside to the dpms is the weight, the barrel alone is a hog. Drop a nice trigger in, grab some pmags and your ready to go tho. I ran one in matches a few years ago and it worked extremely well for what it was and what they cost.
  17. the JP and GAP rifles both run extremely well, we have also had a great experience with a stock heavy barrel DPMS 6.5cm.
  18. I think dry firing is an important way to train shooting on the move. when shooting live practice I like paper, that was I can run multiple drill without reset to see if hits and time improve
  19. I had a harder time trusting and calling my shots on paper than I did steel for a long time for some reason, I have always liked shooting steel plates better.
  20. I have been going through this with my wife. So far she likes the glasses with a small piece of tape on them the best
  21. very nice post and the treadmill idea looks awesome
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