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    I have seen a few mods in person similar to the above video, it did work well however I am a little hesitant to do it to mine. There seamed to be a fine line between it working really well and not resetting the trigger
  2. I have a vanek and have been very happy with it so far, I wish it had a little less takeup tho. There is a thread on here I have been following regarding that situation.
  3. There is no need to continue to do something that isn't fun to you, however taking a break might be just what you need to make it more enjoyable. I wouldn't let a match with some more experienced shooters discourage you from pushing on and trying to get better. Most of the time once you make that breakthrough you will be very glad you did.
  4. I have been running a 35 in 3gun with powderpuff loads, I give up a few rounds per mag but thats about it. If I had started from scratch I would have gotten a 34 but I don't feel hindered with what I have now.
  5. i have a dawson front with no rusting problems
  6. I've had a the opposite experience with outlaw vs. shooting under USPSA or other national groups rules. My last 3gun match was an outlaw match. My empty shotgun slipped out of the carrying case while moving to the next stage. I called one of the RO's over who then called the match director. I expected it to be handled like USPSA and every organization that I know of handles the situation. was shocked when even though I hadn't touched the gun I still got a DQ. After that no more outlaw matches for me unless it is run by someone I know I can trust not to be making up weird rules. so a gun that had I assumed had been cleared on a previous stage slip out of a case in transit and you were DQ? That seams more than excessive.
  7. This thread as got me thinking about trying one out to see if it can replace my benelli.
  8. I'm sure JP will take care of you, but upper lower slop doesn't effect performance as much as people think.
  9. this happened at a long range match recently with a small amount of pistol, a guy went to draw from his serpa and put a round thru his leg.
  10. bottom line is come out and shoot, even if you do dress like a COD tool bag you are still supporting the shooting community no matter how dumb you look.
  11. I agree with the above h4350 is the go to powder for that round
  12. I guess im on the other side of the fence. In long range tac comps I have some wonderfull sponsors that spend a lot of money and time to help my teammates and I, we proudly wear their logos. When I shoot 3 gun I usually just wear normal tshirts and opt out of my normal jersey. I hope to be able to pick up my 3gun game and earn a jersey there also too.
  13. I have had a huntertown guardian a while, I have shot most of the other .22 can on the market. I have won many other .22 cans and so far havnt been impressed with the others over the huntertown for me to redeem the certificates and pay another $200 for a stamp. Some .22 cans are better than other that's an undeniable fact but I don't think its nearly as much difference as it is in centerfire cans.
  14. the 260 in a gas gun sometimes runs into the OAL problems using high bc bullets such as the berger 140's, which somewhat handicaps the round. This is where the 6.5 creedmmoor shines in the shorter case, being able to seat the bullets longer and still feed reliable and fit in the mag.
  15. I have to say I started with IDPA, shot a few USPSA matches, then shot a 3 gun match. If I had my choice I would choose 3 gun all the way
  16. i have been using the CCW standard caddys, Im wanting to really step up my game next year and it looks like this is something I really want to look into
  17. I get my steel from the people that I see sponsoring the sport, in the long range game I choose big dog steel. Ryan is great to deal with and his targets are awesome.
  18. I only like muffs for standing around in-between stages however I only like shooting in plain plugs. my cheekweld will usually push up on my muffs causing a bad situation. I have used the howard leight impacts for a while and have grown to hate them. They don't seam to block much noise, getting ready to order up some MSA's
  19. not a gen4 but im running 3.5gr of TG under 165 BBI and it runs amazing
  20. looking forward to building an indoor practice range for this winter. Is the KWA the way to for a 2011 clone also?
  21. I hate these threads everytime I think I have decided to do a conversion, there is a few threads that sway me the other way. I might just have to dive in and try it out for myself.
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