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  1. i have several friends that brings their HMRs out to shoot with us and I've been nothing but impressed with them, i think the smartest think bergara did with the rifle was keep the barrel somewhat small to reduce weight making it a manageable hunting gun if someone wants to use it for such.

  2. I have been shooting 165 BBI bullets for while now and love them, I recently had to buy another batch and this was my first time getting the new coating. With the same load I am shooting a higher POI with the new bullets, I have checked this back and forth with my old stock and always had the same result. Grouping is great as always just the POI change. It doesn't bother me ill just adjust but has anyone else found this common? The shift isn't huge but it is enough to shoot 2 noticeable groups with the different coatings. Or could this just be metal block from not wanting to change!

  3. I think for the PRS style matches you are wanting to shoot the 6cm is the best choice out right now. Over the past few prs seasons I have over from the 6.5's to the 6cm. I'm now in my 3rd 6creedmoor barrel and have more ready to go so I'm not changing calibers anytime soon. Im getting 2500ish rounds on a barrel before changing them and they were still shooting good but slowing down.

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  4. i shoot on the PRS, they're a few matches that I wouldn't be scared to run my gap10 in but I never choose to run it over my bolt guns. Take for example at K&M last year, we shot in that rain for 2 days. That fine sand and mud got in everything and gave gas gun fits. Don't get me wrong bolt guns went down too but not as much as the gasser. My gap10 in 6.5cm is a flat hammer but ill still never use it over my 6mm creedmoor bolt rifles. The PRS is about accuracy and speed in most cases however the precision needed to make a lot of the shots the difference in a bolt gun and gas gun isn't a factor. When we shot the finale last year which was the top 50 in points for the year, I don't remember seeing many is any gas guns in the mix.

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