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  1. GardenWeasel

    Glock 41 set up

    Mine fits like it was made for it.
  2. GardenWeasel

    Glock 41 set up

    I wasn't sure either so I just tried a Zev gen 3 adaptor, recoil rod, and 14 pound spring from my 35. The 41 didn't really want to go into battery with this spring. I tried a Jager rod and 14 pound Wollf spring too, and that didn't help, so, I guess I can't use the 14 pound springs that I use in my 17, 34, and 35. Oh well.
  3. I have a 2008 Blade tech DOH. My g34 has some wear that looks like a long scratch running down the entire left side of the slide where it contacts the holster. The rest of the finish on the slide looks fine. I can actually hear some grinding when I draw the gun slowly.
  4. Looks like a photo from the Ukrainian Orange Revolution.
  5. These are pretty big SW01X8XXL grips on a 625:
  6. Interest : Ready to order. Options: 1) Style - Pin-on. 2) Sight - 1mm Fiber Optic. 3) Color - Green 3) Height - .300" tall Quantity: 1
  7. I used a hammer and the little plastic-tipped punch that came with my Dawson rear sight.
  8. I was throwing out some boxes in my basement and I found this packing slip:
  9. Red Loctite #271 will hold the comp in place just fine. When you want to remove it, just hit it with a propane torch for a few seconds and the Loctite will break down. You won't damage anything unless you use too much heat for too long.
  10. Prayers for a full recovery sent from Keefe, Faith, and Hannah in CT.
  11. I thought this would be my solution to avoiding having to: A.wipe off the lube by hand or B1. Tumble loaded JHPs and then B2. Shake all of the media out of the hollow points The pre-sized cases worked fine during the loading process, but man, I had a lot of jams in the case feeder tray and upside-down cases in the tube. I was loading .40 using the large case feed adaptor plate, and sized the cases with the Lee U-Die.
  12. Make sure that you are using the small brass-tipped primer magazine instead of the large one.
  13. From: Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners
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