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  1. Enjoyed the match yesterday. Thanks to Greg and all the ROs for the hard work.
  2. Thanks to Greg and all the ROs for another great match. Met a lot of new (to BGSL) shooters that said they will be back for the next one. This was a great warmup for Rockcastle.
  3. What Bryan said. We had fantastic weather and several challenging stages. Greg, thanks once again for putting on a fun and interesting match. And thanks to all the range officers for running the squads.
  4. I think I talked to you on the rifle stage. Hope you thought the trip was worth it. I think that was their best match this year. I'm the guy going to BGSL this Sunday. I need to re-zero my rifle, apparantly all my shots were going a little right on that first stage. My shotgun decided to mis-feed and then flip the shell backwards on another stage and I spent a good ten seconds clearing that, that was a first. Otherwise, I had a pretty good match! Big turn-out this time. I think trying to put the targets on a single stick wasn't such a good idea, maybe if the wind hadn't been so strong. Yes I was and the trip was well worth the 2.5 hour drive. I plan on attending again. I would like to thank all the folks that put on such a fun match. A special thanks to Chris, Larry, and Jeff. Yesterday I had a few mistakes on my part. I will chaulk those up to inexperience. I am learning all the time. I ageee with the wind and the targets. The zombies were a lot of fun. I especially liked the two stages at the 50yard bay. Well, come to think about it, I liked all the stages. With a mix of upclose hoser stages and 200 yard rifle shooting, what's not to like. Good luck at BGSL this Sunday. I believe it will be worth your drive down. There are some very good shooters that show up from time to time. And there is usually a good mix of stages. Take care.
  5. I am planning on driving up from Lexington. It looks like the weather will be great.
  6. I always heard - "In a boat, muzzle up. In a helo, muzzle down." ;-)
  7. Greg, Thanks for all your hard work in heading this up. I had a great time. And thanks to all the SOs and Score Keepers for running the squads. Stewart.
  8. Cory, not this time but maybe the next. All, thanks for the welcome.
  9. Just wanted to take a minute to intoduce myself. I have been shooting IDPA at the Bluegrass Sportsmen's League for a few years and am just getting into 3-gun. I have been lurking here for a few weeks and have really gotten some valuable info. Thanks folks.
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