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  1. Hi Cullen- I suppose now that I cooled off, I can say that the video was OK for getting a good idea of how everything works together. I still had to read the manual when trying to understand the new powder system. But of course calling Dillon, is the best help. They are very good with explaining things over the phone. ds
  2. So I spend 6.50 for the 550B video hoping to really have an easy day setting this thing up. Can you believe those guys put out a tape that hardly matches the latest generation 550B? Powder Funnel/fail safe rod setup: disregard, whole different setup now. die set up: disregard (kind of)- different dies. I'm sure the principle is the same, but still upsettingseeing the older dies. A beginner like me needs to see a demo exactly how it comes from the factory or confusion rears it's ugly head. At least the movie previews at the end were cool. A bit pissed.
  3. I'm an AGC stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi. I live in Slidell LA (right across the border). Been in for just about 17 yrs and getting close to the retirement time. I grew up in Lafayette LA, so retiring in Slidell is like being home. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty slow at reloading. When I used my neighbors SDB, I seemed to double check every powder drop to see if there was powder in the case, and it looked like it was double charged. I took a big break when the primers ran out and spent a few minutes testing the powder charge on the scale again. I find the whole process relaxing still. Thanks for all the input...
  5. Thanks, that's some good info. I looked around town and no one carries VV. I'll just stick with 231 for a bit until I can find a good supplier locally.
  6. I've been reloading with a friend and we've always used W231, or WST. Now I have my own Dillon and am preparing to load on my own. I was curious about using VitaVouri powders. They are more modern I suppose. Are the VV powders a bit more "advanced" (cleaner burning/easy metering) than the old relaibles of 231 or WST? What do you think of VV powders for 45acp? I only shoot for fun, and about 300 rounds a month. Once a month I shoot an informal IDPA match for fun with a group of friends. Any recommendations for a VV powder? Or should I just stick to what I've been using?
  7. I'm curious- but is it possible to put 10 grains of powder in the 45acp casing? Thaks for all the info. I appreciate it.
  8. Thanks! I don't have a SDB to get rid of, I was just used to using it when I reloaded with my neighbor. But even on the SDB, I noticed I was always looking to see the charge in the casing when I put a bullet on top I've loaded on a 550B too, and liked the roomier area in there. I even checked the charge then too. Not a big deal. I reload kind of slow - 200 an hour, maybe less, usually taking a break when the primer buzzer goes off. Just wondering about some tips when working with a different model. Thanks fellas! I almost bought a SDB, but EVERYONE seemed to tell me not to do it- just to get the 550. So I did. I've used both and kinda prefer the 500 because of a bigger work area and it seems to operate smoother too. David S
  9. I'm about to get a 550B. I've reloaded a lot on the SDB and never worried much about a double charge. Now I realize that the possibility is greater that I may double charge on the 550 if I forget to move the casings. Anyone have tips on preventing this? Or am I missing something? David S Slidell LA USN CPO
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