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  1. jcm

    Primer Mag Jam

    I always chamber-check my loaded rounds and box them up in 100rnd boxes. This gives me TWO opportunities to visually inspect my ammo.
  2. Going to LoCap Nationals in Florida next month. I plan on stuffing my range bag into a duffel bag and checking it (won't be screaming "GUN" then). No ammo (will ship ahead of time) and my pistol in a locked case within. Second pistol in a second checked bag with clothes and such. I was thinking of putting my belt, holster, mag pouches into my carry on as those would be hard to replace quickly if the airline "misplaces" my first checked bag. "But why not just use your carry on backpack for your range bag" Because I don't want to. Thoughts on this?
  3. Was wondering the same thing. Also, any recommendations for shipping two pistols?
  4. Need help finding a holster for my wife to use shooting 1911 in Single Stack. I am currently using a Bladetech Black Ice for myself but I believe that has been discontinued.
  5. i was beginning to think I was the only one still picking up brass! ;-)
  6. My hard chromed Springfield is about 25 years old. I have shot USPSA with it since the day I got it. I'd say it's seen a few draws and lots of handling. It shows absolutely NO holster wear after nearly a quarter of a century (NOW I feel old!).
  7. I made 165.08 PF after 6 rounds. I had 173-174 just a week ago at home. Air temp was about the same, in the low 50's. My problem may very well have been my screens were not 10' away
  8. What they said. Most 10 round mags would be too long to fit in "The Box"
  9. Lined. According to my doc, you lose some peripheral vision with progressive lenses. I shoot only pistol in USPSA, and haven't really tried the new glasses on long guns.
  10. Hi 1911Prof! As you know, the two different lenses will not work for me. My eye Doc helped me out with setting up my Rudy insert. She went ahead and made both lenses the same. I use a bifocal set at front sight distance and the rest of the lens has a very mild correction for distance. If you can't find a gun-friendly eye doc up there, I can hook you up with mine. Of course, this is with the stipulation that you never shoot single stack in a match that I'm also shooting in!
  11. Seems like a good problem to have .
  12. I have the Camo Packable Rain Suede from Cabela's. If it's anything like the one mentioned in John Tuley's post above, it should get you through many years of use. I use mine while turkey hunting and have never had it leak. I do a lot of crawling through brush and climbimg over rocks and downed trees. The outer material therefore shows some wear with a couple of tears, but the waterproof membrane remains intact.The jacket and pants stuff into their own pockets (NOT a separate sack, that may get lost). As an extra bonus, I use the jacket as a regular jacket for the cooler mornings or evenings and never get that clammy feeling like with pvc gear.
  13. Hats off to you for stepping up. The other shooters should be ashamed for what they did (or didn't do). My wife hasn't shot in years, but has a pretty good grasp of the rules. She has helped out at just about every match that I shoot. Even if WE are not official match staff, she's out there taping targets and setting steel while other shooters sit back and do nothing (sorry guys, I think I'm gonna keep her ). Next time try to squad up with a different group of shooters. They will see you helping out again and help guide you through it. If you have any questions about what is expected, just ask. Your help and willingness to learn will be greatly appreciated by all!
  14. I just warmed up to Glocks with the intro of the Gen 4. I bought a Gen 4 19 that I use primarily for carry, but shot it in Production last month . It's no 1911, but I still love it. I had 1 stovepipe that I am hoping was caused by the stock recoil system and not the 115gr Winchester white box ammo. I bought the gun NEW Feb 15. Its marked Gen 4, with a '04' marked on the guide rod.Can you tell me the difference between the polymer and steel; captured and uncaptured?
  15. I had been cross-eye dominant (shoot right, left eye dominant), until a little eye issue forced me to be right eye dominant. I just use a little scotch tape on the left lens of my shooting glasses, if I don't I will sometimes revert back to the left eye. Not much of a problem except for that rare occasion when I close one eye. "Oh crap, can't see!!"
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