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  1. I have noticed the Springer plate puts the SRO to the rear of the slide, well away from the ejector port. The CHPWS plate puts the SRO much closer to the port, almost as if you did not have a plate. I myself have decided to go with a plate regardless of the hole pattern in my slide accepting the SRO. My question is this. Which plate puts the SRO in a better position for CO division based on tracking the dot. Does it even matter that much? I get that the further back it sits, the less chance of interfering with ejection and debris on the lens. Am I overthinking it? I do not plan on running mine with iron sights so the dovetail on the CHPWS would be lost on me.
  2. Thank you for clarifying! I feel the the same way about the optic not fitting snug. I will definitely be getting an adapter plate for mine!
  3. So a Trijicon SRO should mount direct to this slide without the need for an adapter plate? (I have the same hole pattern. MFG date 27 February 2020)
  4. Just had a co-worker test positive over the weekend. My desk is adjacent to said co-worker. Myself, two other grunts, Supervisor, Dept. Manager, GM of branch are all on forced quarantine working from home for at least one week. Infected co-worker was last at work 13 days ago when they left to work from home out of precaution. I'm not too concerned... May end up getting paid to dry fire and get some loading done!
  5. jcm


    No need for them in my opinion. If anything, I have a piece of leather cut to fit against the firing pin stop, complete with bevel for the hammer to follow while racking the slide. The idea is it cushions the hammer from peening the end of the firing pin.
  6. This is too bad and I know not an easy decision for anyone, especially the organizers.
  7. I have always done velcro on the back of my magpouches and holster. Has stayed on for years! This is the first time for me trying the C Bak mounts. I don't know how cutting the back to simulate a C Bak mount would be any slimmer on the belt as you would still have the top and bottom of the "C" wrapping around the belt.
  8. Thank you so much! Now that I see it I have to wonder why I did not think of it myself! I'll pick up some washers or make my own and see what thickness works best. So then does the set screw in the C Bac mount get tightened down to the "toothpick" shim?
  9. Need some help please. I just received my CR Versa pouches to be used for my Sig P320 X5 Legion in CO division. Which mag insert is supposed to be the correct one? The #2/large/Berretta/CZ mag insert will hold the mag IF I adjust the tension all the way out, but releases very hard. If I put in the medium insert ( the one that comes pre-installed) then I need to tighten the tension all the way in and it still doesn't hold the mag securely. Also, there is a piece that I guess you could say looks like a Swiss Army knife toothpick. It is 1/4" wide x 1-3/4" long with a 1/4" x 1/4" square block on one end. What is this for? It is not listed in the mag pouch instructions nor in the parts diagram.
  10. I have tried to find the answer but not having much luck. Will the TTI +5 base pads on 17 round P320 X5 Legion mags fit the 140mm USPSA gauge? I realize the mag tubes themselves could vary, causing the OAL to exceed 140mm BUT what is everyone else's experience?
  11. Another vote for a separate CO forum. I am just getting into CO after shooting SS since before we had different divisions. It would be nice to locate all info under one heading.
  12. jcm

    Picked up a 320 XFive

    So it sounds like you are using the +5 TTI base pads along with the Grams kit to get 23 rounds. Is the +5 TTI pad good-to-go in Carry Optics (is not longer than 140mm), OR do I need to get the +2 pad to stay CO legal for magazine length? Same question for Carry Optics. Is the +5 TTI base pad legal for Carry Optics to keep the magazine under 140mm OR do I need to stick with +2 base pads? (assuming I am using SIG factory 17 round mags).
  13. 59 ounces!?! Can we use slings or mono-pods?!?
  14. How many magazines do you typically carry on your belt in CO? Shooting in Single Stack I would have 5 mags on my belt, plus my Barney mag in back pocket.
  15. jcm

    New to Carry Optics division

    Thanks everyone for all the great help! Are y’all using the same magazine set up for all of your gaming magazines? I’ve noticed some people say they keep a standard factory magazine for classifiers but then have your 21, 22, or 23 rounders for the rest of the match. How many mags are you carrying on your competition belt? I just heard from my LGS. They are telling me their distributors show the 320 X5 Legion as “unavailable”. Anyone else experiencing this? I’d really rather not patronize another store (and certainly NOT the big chain stores) as he does so much for the local community as well as the 2A in general.
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