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  1. In a word no however if I see a case with the Amerc name on it it gets pulled and pitched. SJ 40
  2. I replaced the dillon sizer some years back with a Lee and never had a problem. SJ 40
  3. You can always use silicon in the seater punch with a bit of plastic bag over the silicon to form a custom punch,if you decide on a different bullet just remove the silicon and do it over. SJ 40
  4. Elections have consequences,vote Stupidly Win Stupid prizes. The up side of the economy,if you can call it that is the firearms industry. SJ 40
  5. Surely you jest,only for accuracy rifle. SJ 40
  6. Across the big lake from NY No joy on Solo. SJ 40
  7. My WSF load for cast 180 gr.'s is 5.8 grs. at 1.135 oal,for 970 fps out of a 4.5" barrel. SJ 40
  8. More of a 40 thing due to the TC bullets most commonly used in them. Yes it is referred to as the GT hole. SJ 40
  9. If one wants to shoot most cast bullet loads from a LWD barrel send it to them and they will open it up,that or choose any other companies barrel and shoot as is. SJ 40
  10. My preference is 180 gr. for both. SJ 40
  11. I run my 40's for a Glock at 1.135 because my magazines won't accept a longer length without feed problems. While it may not be the perfect powder for 40 major I have taken to WSF,lacks the reverse sensitivity of WST. The load I use out of a G 22 gives me 980 fps SJ 40
  12. They are in fact the same identical powders as are W-W 296 and Hodgdons H- 110. SJ 40
  13. The are both JHP's, I load them the same. SJ 40
  14. I just use my standard 3 die Lee set,fired out of a Glock and reloaded for a Glock never any problems. SJ 40
  15. I have shot cast lead bullets out of polygonal Glock barrels for more years than I can remember. SJ 40
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