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  1. I have an 8# Keg of Green Dot . Not much reloading info out there for 45 acp in semi auto. I will be using 225 gr. cast bullets for IDPA and USPSA. IS GREEN DOT A CANADATE FOR SOFT FEELING LOADS?? Anyone using Green Dot. afish4570
  2. I have an 8 # Green Dot to use for 135 gr cast for 9mm IDPA loads and 163 gr cast RNFP for 38 spec. IDPA. Not much info on competition for loads with this powder.
  3. I called Dillon and was told the model FL- 20000 case cleaner with blue lid and blue bowl has a lifetime guarantee. the motor needs alittle help with a heavy load (reaching under unit and spinning the weighted motor shaft), Will send motor in and they will rebuild....probably replace bear and brushes). afish4570 Don't know how to post a picture so I called Dillon. Thanks. afish4570
  4. Is there a cheaper after market motor for my case cleaner? The original motor made by Fasco in Cassville, Mo. #7121-6775 type U218 1/20 hp amp 1.6 at 3000 rpm LR36496 is listed on there website as unavailable. Are there any cross references for electric motors... not too sharp looking this stuff up.afish4570
  5. Can I shoot lead bullets in my 4" barreled 45 XDor will I need an after market barrel,,,,afish4570
  6. Retired old guy who shoots local club IDPA matches several times a yr. and weekly league shoot.

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