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  1. I called Dillon and was told the model FL- 20000 case cleaner with blue lid and blue bowl has a lifetime guarantee. the motor needs alittle help with a heavy load (reaching under unit and spinning the weighted motor shaft), Will send motor in and they will rebuild....probably replace bear and brushes). afish4570 Don't know how to post a picture so I called Dillon. Thanks. afish4570
  2. Is there a cheaper after market motor for my case cleaner? The original motor made by Fasco in Cassville, Mo. #7121-6775 type U218 1/20 hp amp 1.6 at 3000 rpm LR36496 is listed on there website as unavailable. Are there any cross references for electric motors... not too sharp looking this stuff up.afish4570
  3. Can I shoot lead bullets in my 4" barreled 45 XDor will I need an after market barrel,,,,afish4570
  4. To clean lube off loaded ammo I take about 50 rds.and dump them in an old white cotton sock that had the last 2 inches soaked in paint thinner. I squeeze rds. and move them around in the sock for less than a minute. I turn sock inside out every 200 rds. to expose a nice clean surface. I wear my Harb. Fr.nitrile gloves. Thinner is used sparingly but enough to do the job. afish4570
  5. Would like to use 150 or 158 gr. lead bullets in my 38 spec. loads with Nitro 100 powder. afish4570
  6. Saw a good price on this Nitro 100 powder by Accurate.....anyone using it?? Want a clean powder to prevent cylinders fouling and slowing down reloading.afish4570
  7. I have a mold and batch of rnfp 158 gr. will probably start with this bullet. afish4570
  8. I have an old Smith Model 67 with a 4 " barrel that I thought I might try alittle more seriously in local IDPA matches. I have the Safari Comp 3 speed loaders and rest of gear. One of the revolver shooters recommended I change the old rubber grips for smooth Jerry Miculek grips. Is the gun manufactured with round butt and square butt or is the grip style what you would specify on the order for the grips???? I hear its offered two styles, one plain and i checkered. Which would be good for a revolver newby??afish4570
  9. Friend seems bound and determined to get one.....16" barrel with muzzle break in 308 would seem to be real loud and rough on ears. Would these be competitive in any of the rifle sports?Afish4570
  10. Now that I know a 6" revolver is legal in USPSA I might try my Model 14. Been shooting autos so i need to get some speed loaders other than the HKS's I presently have. Any guidance appreciated, direct me to the correct forum, need a kydex holster that I can use for the 6" Model 14 and my 4" Model 67 that I could use in IDPA. Model of speed loaders suggested too as well as qty. needed and brand.....Brands, models suggested etc.Also saw the Jerry Miculek smooth revolver grips and the newly announced checkered ones......Whats the pitch, for either afish4570
  11. Here it is 8/10 and still listed as in stock. Anyone else have any experience with them. Probably use them im my 96Beretta and not my S&W revolveres due to the hard primer issue.Would prefer to use the usual big 3 brands but soon won't have any choices due to supply issues.afish4570 :closedeyes:
  12. After swaging with RCBS tool and hand reaming with my Lyman tool, the primer pockets were still too small. Way under spec on diameter. Almost like it was a special sized primer. Will be on lookout to see if this was a one time occurence . afish4570
  13. Shot in a local ISPA match recently and picked up some Winchester headstamp brasss that looked like it was a crimped primer pocket. Ran it thru my RCBS Primer Pocket Swagger and still couldn't seat primer without a tremendous amount of effort. Onyl had about 24 pieces of brass so I scrapped them rather than have misfires due to damaged primers caused by the seating into too small a hole.....Anyone else run into this situation. afish4570
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