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  1. I have a decent "tako-eye" but can't find the "A" zone.
  2. Slipped on a pile of brass at our state match while running and reloading to the next array. My main concern was keeping muzzle pointed downrange and to hold on tight to my pistol. Some of the spectators were saying it looked like a slide they do in paintball competitions. Scratched up elbows and knees but luckily no DQ.
  3. Got an email back and told me that since it's molded from 1 piece, they don't sell just that part alone. Bummer. For now I'm using some small zip ties. It wobbles a tiny bit but works.
  4. It was entertaining. I liked Halle Berry and her dogs. Pretty cool scene!
  5. Anyone know where I can purchase the part that is circled? I went on the Comp-Tac site but it looks like they don't sell just that part alone. I emailed them but didn't get a response yet. TIA!
  6. Weights and cardio (stair running at the stadium). When Maui's beaches are nice, I go free diving. Works out my legs and lungs. I try to rest couple days before a match so I'm not burnt out.
  7. Maka Rest in peace you silly boy! Love you!
  8. Thanks for the replies. Bought some things from them and I was extremely pleased. Shipping to Hawaii was fast and their email responses to my questions were very prompt. Would definitely do business with them again in the near future. Thank you FBT!!
  9. Anyone do business with this place? Good/bad service? http://fatboytactical.net/
  10. Hello! Welcome to the forums! MABUHAY!!
  11. Can't go wrong with the GoPro. I still have the 1st one that came out and it works flawlessly!
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