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  1. Wives and kids. I used to have a GMR 13 until I let my kid shoot it in a match... Now he has one and I have a GMR 15. So I guess it isn't all bad. I still get to see her in the safe and talk about the good times. Now I just get to wait for him to start beating me.....
  2. I have been shooting USPSA pistol for years and when I had opportunity to shoot a 3 gun match I just stuck stuff on my pistol belt and went to it. Not the best way to do things, but it worked good enough for the 3 0r 4 matches I shot. Now we have a real schedual of 3 gun matches in my area and I have all the "hardware" rifle, pistol ,shotgun, but need a dedicated belt to carry all that goes with the guns. I have a good Idea of what I will use, but want to get more input on setting up the perfect 3 gun belt. I want to use the Safariland ELS platform, I shoot tactical optics class and use an STI standard widebody pistol (no extended dustcover), and a Benny Hill Benelli. What do I need? How many ELS or QLS forks and adapter plates? Holster? Shot shell holders (I grab 4 at a time ( I hope) weak hand and stuff them in the tube...no load two yet). Mag pouches 2 pistol one rifle? What else? I know all of this info is spread throughout the forum, but I must have ADD because when I go looking for answers I usually get lost somewhere else like optics or springs or.......... Thank you for all of your help
  3. I reloaded in my bedroom when I was in college and lived in campus housing. Dillon 550 on a midway portable stand, the only time I ever noticed anything in the air was when I was filling the powder tube, pour it in fast and you would get some dust, take your time and it would be less. There is some "dust" that will accumulate on the machine after time, but I do not think you launch any amount of particulate matter in to the air. Now that I have a house I load in my gun room in the basement, most people load in a single room, Jerry Barnhart used to load in his travel trailer when he was on the road shooting competitions.
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