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  1. I've taken the plunge and bought an Accushadow Match. It's a great gun and the balance suits me with the extra weight up front. On my 40cal 75B I have the CZ CUSTOM magwell and short grips. My main use is for falling steel (PSA Shootout). I'm considering leaving the silver magwell and grips on the 40 and getting a black magwell from Springer to match my black grips on the Accushadow. Does anybody have experience with the Springer Precision Magwell? How secure is it? It looks like the stock grips don't need to be trimmed and there are 2 tabs on the magwell to keep it from rotating. (I'm looking at the limited/open magwell, not interested in ESP, I will probably also add a SA trigger to improve over the SRT).
  2. What is up with this statement on the application? "HEY- if you want to be shoot with someone - send them in together." In the past we have always written on the top "please squad with ....." Is this an official change? One way only, or is this just to assist the folks handling the registration? (My squad is spread out over 200 miles, and I'm sure many others are the same.)
  3. I’m looking to get a CZ75B in 40 S&W for use in USPSA Production Division. I’m trying to find the best magazines for Production division. I see Midway has the CZ factory 10 and 12 round magazines. By looking at the pictures the 10 rounders have a plastic base that protrudes further than the 12 rounder’s flat metal base. Looks like the 10 would be better for avoiding blood blisters. Any thoughts or recommendations on what magazines would be best (and legal) for USPSA Production in the 75B 40 S&W? 10 round CZ at $35.99 http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/...leitemid=140385 12 round CZ at $38.99 http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/...leitemid=459874 Thanks for looking
  4. slughammer

    25-2 Rescue

    Good point. If your current rear has a very shallow notch, I'd recommed going to a taller rear right from the start. My 625 came with a .100 rear and the notch was way too shallow compared to my other guns. I changed to the .160 and the sight picture shows me what I need to see.
  5. We do have a good number of revolver shooters in the area, but only a limited amount of ICORE matches (2-3 a year). Most of the shooters compete in the PA Steel League, IDPA, and USPSA. ICORE is a good chance for us all to get together and see if we can switch from hose mode to shooting accurately.
  6. The "extent" of the chamfer job could be adding to the problem. While a nice chamfer on the cylinder and extractor aids in getting them in, it sounds like they're slipping over the chamfer on the extractor. Leaving meat ont the extractor aids in getting them out. If you have powders available, you could try some different burn rates. Changening the pressure of your reloads will change the amount the brass "stick" in cylinder. If loads don't help, then prehaps a new extractor is the answer.
  7. Deprime the cases and check for an anvil and priming compound. Everytime you use your flip tray, inspect all 100 primers with a light to see the uniformity of the priming compound. Only takes a few seconds, anything that is "different" should jump out to your eye. I only have red box Federals on hand and they are VERY consistent.
  8. http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/Pro...+BLACK+SERRATED If you use the keyword FRONT and the MFG as Smith and Wesson, you will get 70 hits. Not sure if any will help. .020 higher on a 5" gun is only about 2" at 25yards. Is this a pinned, interchangeable or dovetail sight? Which one of your guns? Have you considered welding?
  9. Is it flowing back into the firing pin hole and shearing off? I had that problem with 9 x 19. I changed the firing pin from Titainium to steel and the problem is gone.
  10. I'm on my third barrel getting my Springfield 9mm 1911 to shoot good. First barrel was minute of paper at 25 yards. Sent back to Springfield, they machined the frame and installed a ramped barrel; results = 4" at 25 yards.(still not acceptable to me but it is to them). Then I bought a Nowlin and a chamber reamer; fitted it and found the load it likes. 5.0 Unique and a 121 HAP with Federal primer at 1.140 OAL, does sub 1" at 25 yards if I do my part. If you have the factory titainium firing pin, that is causing the primer flow problem. A steel one weights more and will stay forward in the primer during the pressure curve.
  11. What game is that for? Does it really qualify as limited?
  12. For the PA dutch ICORE crowd, I think its best to give them the choice. I can sleep better knowing I'm taking money from Willing Victims.
  13. As a 5 time shooter of the PSA shootout, I really enjoyed the match. Your stages were excellent, they gave a great blend of target size and shooting distance. The target count rocked. Can't wait for the results and hope to be there for the Second Annual next year. Regards - Slughammer
  14. Check the shell plate for damage, you could have possibly cracked one of the lips at a station. I don't use one shot, but I make sure there is plenty of polish in my tumbling media, seems to make resizing easier than with dry brass.
  15. Hopefully the new firing pin makes the problem go away. Using loads that are well within pressure limits should not cause problems with any standard pistol primers. FYI : I checked the weight of 2 firing pins the other day. A TI pin weighed 30 grains and a stainless pin weighed 60 grains. Switching to the steel pin in my 9 x 19 allowed me to go from shearing Winchester primers to using Federal without any problems.
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