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  1. I think you can still buy the old style plug at ILWT. I’ll try the soaking for a few days to see if that works first.
  2. So I should call Sig and ask for the old style gas plug back they removed and replaced with the open gas plug when it was in for the failure to eject complaint. Darn..... I feel that the red heavy duty extractor spring and ORing combo was a big step forward. Was the old style gas plug considered big and was the open gas plug considered small? I only have two MPXs and am waiting for a good excuse to buy a third.
  3. Soooo.....would you explain what the factory achieved buy going to the open style gas plug please. fwiw.....I recall going through basic training in 1965 and having nothing but problems with the gas system on the M-14. Glad to see not much has changed.
  4. I have been working on a way to get the baked on powder residue removed from my open gas plug on my 14.5 inch ILWT barrel. After 450 rounds using W231 powder the rings are totally locked onto the gas plug. There is no way that I have found to get the carbon out without removing the Mcfarland ring and scraping the carbon off. I filed down a small flat tip screw driver to fit in the grove and just start scraping. I bought some mcfarland rings from ILWT to use if I new a new one to put in. I guess I will try and find a cleaner powder. If you can’t spin the mcfarland ring your plug is not clean. Am I missing something here? I did see where one poster says his fowling on the gas plug decreased when he went to a closed gas plug. Seems like a step back.
  5. Well.....I guess I will have to try some of the other cleaning methods mentioned here cause just slick 2000 and a ultra sonic ain’t getting the job done. thanks
  6. I clean the piston and gas plug every 500 or so rounds as well. I use an ultra sonic and slip 2000 but usually end up scraping the carbon off with a pocket knife after the bath. The rings on the piston usually come clean after 30 minutes in the ultra sonic but the gas plug ring has been my real problem. Has anyone discovered a simple way to peel that ring off the gas plug? Getting it back on is easy its just getting it off is the tricky part.
  7. Being basically a tightwad.....I do not share your effort to save a couple of bucks on a small but critical item. As much time and effort and money as I spend playing this silly game I want the real deal even though the after market part may work as well, I am not willing to take the chance. JMHO
  8. Call Sig and get to customer service. Tell them your having the failure to eject problem. The might send them for free, if not I think they charged me $5 each which includes very slow shipping.
  9. This is what comes on the gen 2 competition model MPX.....
  10. I guess its easier to write gen 3 than gen 2 competition model.
  11. There is one other change that Sig made to my gen 2 when it was in the the faulure to eject problem. When it came home it had the red heavy duty extractor spring and they also put an O’Ring around the extractor spring. That really tightened things up. And for what its worth when my new competition model showed up it had the same red extractor spring with an O’Ring on it as original equipment.
  12. You may be right, I have increased my powder quantity by 8% to where I am .1 grains over the max recommended using 147 fmj and w231 powder.. When I sent my gen 2 back to Sig they changed the gas plug and sent it back with a note that said they fired 150 rounds with bullet weight of 115 to 147 without issues. Failures are now less frequent and I am hopeful my problem has been solved. I bought a competition gen 2 model last month and it has be running well and I have not had problems. My friend also bought a competition model and he could not shoot the same 147 load as I do without the failure to eject problem. He had to run 115 grain white box factory ammo to get it to cycle correctly. He then bought a ILWT barrel and he can now shoot the same load as I do. That has to be a gas problem in the factory barrel. That means to me that Sig still has a problem and its kind of hit and miss.
  13. Thanks for taking time to reply. I do all the same things as you and have tried 3 extractors and more springs than I can recall. I load my own and use PD 115 and 147 grain fmj bullets over w231 with a power factor of 135. After talking to Sig they convinced me to send it back to them....in fact they are do to get it today.
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