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  1. Thanks Novagunner. A pattern has emerged that I can work with. Admin pls close
  2. All very helpful. Thank you very much! Has anyone noticed much difference in POA vs POI between 180's and 200's?
  3. Thanks Mike. I forgot to include that my current load is 4.8 N320, 180 SNS coated, 1.18 OAL. Yields about 172 PF out of my guns.
  4. I'm looking for a 200 grn (coated SNS bullet), 1.18 OAL, N320 load for 5" 1911 (SSTK). Anyone have any recent experience to share?
  5. Don is solid as a rock. And he has the weight room to prove it, lol. Seriously, I've known him for a long time, he has built and repaired serval guns for me, and everything has always gone perfectly including incidences when something wasn't quite right. It happens to everyone. Came back, discussed whatever it was. changed/fixed, back in business. Don't know what more I would want. You'll be fine buying anything he's willing to build.
  6. Generally good advice. Does that qualify for an unsportsmanlike conduct DQ?
  7. Good to know Hi Power. Looking forward to it. A bit better than winter season in I'll
  8. I Just moved to the Stuart area, and I'm ready to start shooting matches. I'm going to sign up for the Port Malabar (pmrpc) and OK Corral November matches. Is there anything I need to know about the facilities, procedures, etc here? Are there other matches that you'd recommend? I'm good for about a 100 mile radius.
  9. Thanks. The factory setup seems very heavy and a bit bouncy. I've changed the stock setup in my 34, and was wondering about the 19. Carry and occasional IDPA
  10. What are you folks using for Glock 19 recoil springs? Guide rods?
  11. That looks like foreshadowing for me
  12. Thanks. Will do. Yes I use Practiscore. It's universal up here
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