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  1. All you have to do is ask. They have others available
  2. Yes it’s the Caldwell app !
  3. Here’s the 1.145 oal load I ran across the chrono
  4. I run my 135’s to 1.140 in a gen 3 Glock 34.
  5. I made some with this powder at 3.5 under a sns 135 bullet at 1.120 oal. The second batch was at 1.145 oal I will chrono tomorrow these will be for a Glock 34 gen 3 running a vortex viper red dot. Thanks for all the good info on this thread I’ll post my results tomorrow
  6. 3.0 titegroup under a 147 sns at 1.140 oal 3.2 titegroup under a 135 sns at same length both 130-132 power factor These were shot out of Glock 34,xd9 4” and a shield 9mm
  7. 4.2 titegroup under sns 180 tc mixed brass 1.165 oal out of my edge is 174pf. Same load out of sti trojan and a custom ss guns is 176pf
  8. I use 4.4 grains of titegroup at 1.185 oal mixed brass out of a sti edge. had to bump it up to 4.85grains of hp38 at 1.185 oal used hp38 when I couldn’t find titegroup
  9. I used 4.3 at 1.185 oal with berry hp. Sti edge
  10. 4.9 HP-38 at 1.180 oal sns 180 grain bullet 170pf out of my edge last 3 years at majors.
  11. I cleaned mine really good and after 400rds today it was back. Everything measures out good on length and crimp.
  12. I shot this load today 4.2gr solo 1000 230 sns moly bullet win lpp mixed brass out of 1911 Lo 734.8 Hi 755.8 Ave 745.9 Es 21.02 SD 7.54
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