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  1. Have a ritual I go through on the line. First, take a deep breath and try to picture the course already shot, all A's great time. Second pull mags and check to make sure they are topped off. Third, wait for L M R. take another deep breath, nod head for ready and buzzer goes off and everything falls to crap, but at least my mags are topped off. Got to love this game right? Mike
  2. mlm

    Never Put Mags That Aren't Full On Your Belt

    The way to stop that in SS is to buy 20-30 magazines and load all before the match. That way you reach in your bag and pull out full magazines every time. IMVHO MIke
  3. mlm

    Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    I guess I am a die hard SS 45 ACP shooter. Have 5 1911 45 ACPs. All set up the same way. It is a kick in the butt when you can come in the top 15% of a match of 50-60 shooters with an old SS 45 ACP. But yes, I am an old guy and used to be 45ACP ruled for years in USPSA. IMVHO Mike
  4. SyNaPsE I go play at least once a week sometimes twice a week. it helps. mike
  5. Didn't notice a wide brimmed hat. In South Texas you need that to keep the sun off your ears and back of the neck. Mike
  6. DW PM9 Bayou 147 W231 3.20 WSP Speer 1.145 842 27 7 123.8 3.85 3-5 shot avg benched 25 yds 3/24/11 DW PM9 Bayou 147 W231 3.40 WSP Speer 2.145 856 28 7 125.8 2.30 3-5 shot avg benched 25 yds 3/24/11 Some guys use Clays, Solo 1000, you might try 231 Above chart came from Bayou Bullets Thanks Mike
  7. mlm

    230gr round nose with Clays

    Went back to Clays 4.2 grains with a 200 SWC. OAL 1.245-1.25 Was my pet load for years. Only found 4-5 lbs made in Australia. Ran 100 yesterday at a USPSA match It is good to have my old standbye load ready. IMVHO Thanks Mike
  8. mlm

    PCC in USPSA

    I shoot SS and have since 1989 in USPSA. I have tried Open, L10, Production and Limited. I find myself going back to SS all the time. Whatever USPSA wants to do is fine with me as long as it is done safely and by keeping with all the regs and rules that apply for PCC. I think it is a way for shooters to get involved and interested in this great sport. When I shoot a match and the dust clears and the WAILING Wall goes up, if I am 65-75% of the top shooter, I feel very good about that. Just bear in mind that PCC was set up for people that don't shoot pistol well or have become a GM and want to try something new. I am not a Hater, just quit belly aching and get out and shoot and help grow the sport. IMVHO Thanks Mike
  9. mlm

    Single Stack firearm question.

    Been shooting SS major for as long as I can remember. Since 1987-1988 in USPSA. I prefer 45 ACP vs 40. I just think in 8's. Just remember every time you move, reload. Major will help because if you have a line hit, it will usually go to the higher points A vs C as an example. If you can hang with the big boys and shoot in a level I or II match, shoot 65-70% of their scores, you are doing well. All you need is a pistol that is reliable, you as the shooter can work on the accuracy. The ball is in your court. Shoot major and go for the points or shoot minor and go real FAST. Hope to hell you hit everything. IMVHO Mike
  10. One thing I noticed on the second video, after you loaded pistol, your finger went into the trigger area. I may not have seen that right, but if you are, stop doing that on LAMR. Gun goes bang and you are out of there. Be a trip to DQ land. Do not want to see that. Mike
  11. mlm

    Rulings document

    Very informative Thanks Mike
  12. mlm

    Confused on Power Factor...

    Just make sure that you shoot all 115 or 125 at a match, try not to mis-match at a match. POA will be different. IMVHO Mike
  13. mlm


    Just looked on mine. dated 4/08/17 just showed up today. Thanks, Mike