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  1. Contact Scott Milkovich at Specialized Dynamics.
  2. Never found enough of an advantage to really matter
  3. The Harbor Freight one isn't bad (the one that comes with a compressor) as long as you also buy the inline moisture trap (cheap). After that, go nuts on paint.
  4. 21" with a 10 round tube on my Benelli. Never been an issue either.
  5. What dates do we need to be there for? Meaning. When does the match start and end? We will likely fly in a few days before and leave the day after. Thanks.
  6. At worst, an extractor change, but run it first.
  7. Maybe I'm just silly, but I just carry a complete bolt carrier group in my AR cleaning kit for 3-Gun matches. Anything goes wrong, it's a 10 second fix. Yeah, MAYBE you trashed a stage, but your match isn't over and that's real insurance no matter how awesome your bolt is.
  8. Here's your answer. Easy and it puts a nice forward cant on the carriers.
  9. 8.5gr of 4756 and hasn't jammed in about 3 years.
  10. Take a hard look at the Predator Tactical PT-15 as well. My buddy sent me his to play with and all I'll say is it's incredible that you get what you get out of the box from them. It's a little pricier than what you're looking at, but not by much and I can honestly say that with their rifle, you're done and no more modifications are needed. Throw your glass of choice and you're ready to play.
  11. The Giraud is cool, but have to say that for the money, I love my WFT from Little Crow Gunworks. Tried on the advice of a friend and it's great. ETA: Yeah, there's two extra steps of chamfering and deburring, but I have the Sinclair drill adapter for a RCBS chamfer tool and you can knock them out REALLY fast to where it's not more than like a couple of minutes for a hundred.
  12. No racker 'cause my gun runs.
  13. Slide, frame, lugs, guide rod. Done. Got some top secret grease from my guys here in the Antelope Valley.
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