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  1. What major international airport do you fly into. Is it easy to get permit from us here in the Usa to fly over there with our rifles?
  2. If you would like to swap mounts. I have a Larue Spr 1.5 that i would trade for your Spr E. Mine is in very good condition. Thanks
  3. I am not sponsored by Uso. I pay regular price just like everyone else. I am just a regular guy that likes to use the best equipment i can afford. The field of view at max power on the Uso is smaller because is 8 power compared to 6 power on the other ones. At 1 power it feels like an ampoint scope. Excellent for hosing! These other scopes are excellent but i think the Uso is better in my opnion.
  4. I was speaking of my own personal experience with Usoptics. I own just about every model they make (several different Sn3s ,sn4, sn9, sr8c) and none of my scopes have had any issues. They have been perfect since i bought them. I understand that some people have had problems with their Usoptics, but so are other people with other high end brands out there. These are hand made scopes made one at a time and people make mistakes. But my experience has been great with Usoptics scopes and their customer service. I have had a chance to shoot Vortex, S&B short dots and Swarovski Z6i and i feel that none of these come close to the new Sr8c. I strongly recomend Usoptics over any other brand out there. Thats my opinion and you are entitled to your opinion.
  5. Buy a UsOptics made in the USA , cry once when you pay for it than you will be smiling every time you shoot. I have several USOs and never had one break. Even on my Barret M82a with over 2000 rds fired. I've been using them for over 10 years with zero issues. And i am not a sponsored shooter, i just like to use the best equipment out there. The 3gun retcicle for the Uso 1-8 scope is called R W F. I designed it specifically for 3 gun matches.
  6. I have the new USOptics SR8C with a bright daylight visible red dot (Much brighter than Vortex and Swarovski Z6s) with a reticle specifically designed for 3Gun matches. Best scope I've used for an AR.
  7. I just picked up the UsOptics SR8C with a custom Mil Scale reticle designed specifically for 3Gun matches. I am very impressed with this scope. This is the best scope I ever shot. I've shot S&B Short Dots, Swarovski Z6 & the Leupold 1.1-8. None of these compares to the SR8C. The red dot is bright under sunny days. The reticle at 1 power almost disappears making the red dot stand out for the close up fast shooting that we do on 3gun matches. When you crank up the power the reticle grows and shows nice and clear for those long shots. Also it has a BDC for the 77gr SMK bullet which makes it very easy for engaging long range targets. Price isn't cheap ($2495) but I think it's worth every penny for what you get.
  8. Have you guys looked at the US Optics SR8 with the bright reddot? I played with one outside on a sunny day and the dot was very bright. I ordered one with the new 3gun bdc type reticle they are coming out in the next couple of months.
  9. US Optics has the SR8 wich is a true 1-8 First Focal Plane Reticle with a bright daylight visible red dot. They will have a BDC type reticle designed for 3Gun matches soon.
  10. Every barrel is different. Try the Lapuas but just because the Lapuas shoot great in your friends rifle it does not mean that i will on your too.
  11. I use 48gr of H1000 with 115gr Moly DTACs and get 2950fps out of a 26" barrel. Shoots 1/2 moa on my rifle.
  12. I am a US Optics fan too. I have a SN3 1.8-10 and a SN3 3.8-22 and they are both awesome scopes.
  13. I use a Docter mounted with Matt Burkett's offset mount and it's great. Arredondo Accessories has one that mounts on the ACOG that works very well too.
  14. I like the JP better. I have been using JP for a long time with several different JP Rifles.
  15. Nice set up. How does the Douglas barrel shoot?
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