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  1. I bought on of those self-cleaning guns, LOL. I might do a complete teardown once a year other than that a simple wipedown and lube does it for me.
  2. I ordered some billy bullets on monday evening, they were delivered this mourning. 3 days is pretty friggin awesome in my book.
  3. Nice drill ben, I'm going to give this a shot or two.
  4. I think of classifiers as more of fundamentals than qualifiers, and before you be great at running and gunning you have to have solid fundamentals. I have recently backtracked to practicing low round count high intensity practice on my fundamentals. How many GM do you know that can run and gun and not have solid fundamentals(classifiers).
  5. I have a tuarus SS that i did the same with by the time i was done i had a new 1.5Lb trigger with egw sear,koenig hammer,sv short flat trigger,clark custom 4 prong sear spring, egw disconnector, ed brown ambi safety,tripp research k-1 rear sight,brazos microdot front sight,TGO techwell & grips,ed brown oversize mag release,trigger gaurd undercut, and i still have a piece of crap tuarus 1911 that shoots pretty good. If i had to do it over again i sell the taurus and start with a sti trojon and been better off. If you decide to keep it just put a dawson sight set on it,decent trigger and grips and shoot the crap out of it.
  6. I bought a pair of fatgripz about a year ago and love them for dumbells and pullups, also +1 Mechanistic on kettlebells for workouts. I also have a pair of CoC grippers.
  7. I load 180gr mg for major and when i need minor i can just change to a 155 cmj mg to make a nice minor load, makes everything simple and oh yeah make sure you know which batch is major or minor. I am now switching over to bayou bullets and will be doing the same thing but i going to try the 200gr for major and the 140 gr for minor and see how that works out. The only thing i will do differently to the gun is change to a 9Lb recoil spring for minor and recheck the zero.
  8. SETPS is having a match this weekend in beaumont, Its on the texas site the raymond posted.
  9. I really hate doing any kind of range maintenance in Louisiana in the summer, I just might have to start doing it in the middle of the night but then again its still humid as hell here 24/7
  10. calvary45

    Fortune cookie

    Nice!! I got one recently that i keep in my wallet the says "Leadership is an action not a position". I thought it was very fitting since i am active duty army and that should be a basic issue item.
  11. I run trip 8rd mags and have never had a mag related issue, they are also easy to seat on a closed slide with 8rd. If i remember right trip has a spring upgrade kit for the 8rd mags to get 9rds also.
  12. Think about your grip as each hand gripping the gun independently, take either hand away the gun should still be on target with no inward pressure.
  13. My suggestion would be with no doubt to use clays, I dont have my load data handy right now but i think i was at 4.2gr to make major(dont quote me on that though). Beside i thought the only powder you could use in .45 was clays No but seriously
  14. I have all those stages on my thumb drive, I got them from the old stage exchange site before it went dormant. I used to shoot at ARPC and will make a phone call to see if they are the same. Give me a little bit and i will upload them or email them to you whichever on i can figure out how to do
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